I want to be a strong daring swimmer when I'm 75...

My husband and I subscribe to a weekly organic produce delivery group called Abundant Harvest.  Each week, our bright beautiful crate is packed full of local fruits, vegetables, herbs (not the "California herb" - I'm talking basil, mint, lemon basil, thyme...) and there is always an information sheet placed nicely on top.  I love reading through the stories about the growers - where did my pears come from and what kitschy story accompanies them?  There is even a little recipe card that incorporates a good all-encompassing selection of recently delivered goodies.  A few weeks ago, I tried a fabulous eggplant soup.  It was rich with tomato, roasted eggplant, and basil.  I ate most of it in a few days and forced myself to freeze enough to satisfy me once the temperate drops, if it EVER drops (winter takes its sweet time out here in the desert).

This week's info sheet was nothing too exciting.  Recipes didn't really jump out at me like some others have... and I was just skimming through because the Opinion page of our local newspaper was already occupied by my husband.  Then all of a sudden - a few paragraphs sucked me in and I realized how pertinent they were to motivating MY lifetime journey.  Below is the actual text from my Abundant Harvest fact sheet for the week:

     "A few weeks back, I mentioned to my mom that I like to swim from the lawn to the dam and back in the summer so on her 70th birthday, she swam from the lawn to the dam then Paul rowed her back.  This year, on her 75th BD she swam across, had a picnic with Paul, took a nap, and then swam back.  Two miles at 5,000 ft. elevation's an admirable accomplishment.  Way to go mom.  I can see the headlines now: 'California Woman swims English Channel on 80th BD.'  Really, if you think about it, it's just one stroke then another until you get to Dover."

One stroke, then another...  its so simple.  And so accurate in everything we do.  Nothing is out of reach if our bodies are well prepared.  That marathon is just one step at  time... one foot fall followed by another footfall... one mile, then another.  And it shouldn't matter if we're 25 or 75 - if we've taken care of ourselves, eat right, get lots of sleep, move our bodies... swimming across a lake should be a piece of apple (no pie here, just the delicious nutritious fruit!)

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