Panda Express: We need to talk. . .

. . . Its not that I don't like you anymore, because I do.  I swear you must have crack blended into your sauces (or maybe its just the sugar), but it is time I say goodbye because you just aren't good for me.  You drain my wallet and make my pants tight and I just can't have either of that taking place anymore.  So for now (and hopefully forever) - this is goodbye.

Week 1 Journey Update:
Matt and I walked the dogs four times this week. . . one time being about twice as far as the others, so he inquired if that could count towards my "five" for the week.  Baby steps, right?  And I can't beat myself up over 'failures', rather acknowledge my accomplishments.  So we'll settle for four and a half.  The walks are quite enjoyable, especially now that this desert weather is cooling off consistently.  The dogs love getting to scope out their neighborhood turf, the hubbs and I get some quality time, and most important - we're out moving around and getting fresh air.

What's on the agenda for this week? 

Week 2 of my journey -
Goal 1: Continue walking in the evenings.  At least 4x during the week.
Goal 2: Plan and pack lunches.  We are blessed every week with beautiful organic produce from Abundant Harvest - its time to fully take advantage and pack salads and veggies for lunch.  Two days will have me out of the office. . . but I'm planning to pack protein heavy snack(s) and remind myself that not stopping at Starbucks or Carl's Jr. isn't the end of the world. . . and that actually stopping is more likely to be the end of the world - a healthy, nutritious, diabetes-free world.  So yeah, I'll just stick with some lunch meat and carrots. 
Where did this week's journey take you and where are you headed next?

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