"If you can't do this in less than a 10 minute pace, you should only focus on the 1/2"

I did a lot of thinking on Sunday morning.  About 3.5 hours worth of thoughts rolled through my head.  I walked a half marathon Sunday.  I took a giant bite of humble pie, laced up my shoes, and drove down to the site where I ran my very first half marathon four years ago.  Four years later, I wish I was blowing my old time out of the water... but instead, I walked.  The whole course.  And finished near last.  Which is fine - because here's what I got out of it:

1) I walked 13.2 miles on Sunday before most of you were awake.  (Yes, 13.2.  Someone didn't measure their 1/2 marathon course very well)
2) I crossed a finish line with some of the fastest Boston Qualified marathoners.  I may never get to do that again.  Yeah, I will probably never do that again.  Very inspiring, though.  What it took me to walk 13.2 miles, it took those guys to run twice that distance... 26.2 (or more?) miles.  It felt good to watch them go by.
3) I finally came up with a reason to buy new shoes... my old ones are almost three years old and they are a half size too big.  And I'm tired of blisters.  So the next day - new sneakers.  NOT for running.  But for other miscellaneous athletic activities.  They're not as comfortable as my Kayanos... but they're also not as expensive.  I figure if I'm trying to teach my body proper form in everything I do, all that expensive support and cushioning is actually a colossal waste of money.  There's plenty of science around it.  Just Google it.
4) Two marathoners were walking back up the course as I was walking the last mile of my 13.  And one of them said "if you can't do this in less than a 10 minute pace, you should only focus on the 1/2."  For a brief moment, I wanted to reel around and deck him.  I knew he wasn't talking about me, but I wanted to stand up for all my friends that have run and are currently running marathons and finish slower than 4 hours and 20 minutes.  Then I thought about it a little bit more... and maybe he's right, maybe he's not... but I'm taking it as a personal challenge.  Dear Curmudgeony Santa Clarita Marathon dude, one day - I'll be WAITING for you on the other side of the finish line.

Its been a crazy week.  Out of town for class for two days.  Catching up at work for three.  And cramming in all the Harry Potters before the beginning to the end hits the theatres next week.  Not a good excuse, I know... but that's how its been going down for the past week.  Needless to say, Matt and I will be starting OVER with Week 1, Day 1 of C25K next week.  AND I'm joining a gym.  A globo gym.  But I'll suck it up because they offer kettlebell classes and I know that at least one of their personal trainers is CrossFit certified.  That doesn't really mean MUCH... nothing will compare to Bob and his awesome CrossFit den in California City, but the drive was just killing me and time was too compressed.  So point is - I have to start doing MORE and with the TRX, kettlebell, and boxing classes scheduled and laid out in front of me, it gives me a few options to go and blow off steam after work.

Food update - doing well.  Chowing down on some hibiscus flavored coconut water sorbet as I type.  Focused on meat and veggies as best as I could all week.  No muffins.  No bread.  No cake.  No toast.  Fruit, veggies, meat.  Sunbutter and carrots.  V-8.  I did have a baked potato at lunch today.  It was all that was left in the fridge ready to eat - along with leftover steak kabob from dinner last night.  I wouldn't say I'm doing amazing, but I'm much happier the way I'm eating now than a few weeks ago.  Still haven't touched Panda Express.  My zipper and my wallet are very content.  And do you know how amazing it feels for all the aches and pains and stiffness and bloat to slowly go away?  That's how I know all of that is food related - as soon as I shove a cookie in my mouth, it all comes back.

This weeks goals?  Keep eating right... work on eating even better.  Get back to run training!  Its too much fun to miss!

How is YOUR journey coming along?

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