Room 101.

I've figured it out.  I found out what is in Room 101.  And much like Winston discovered, the thing in Room 101 is the worst thing in the world.  My Room 101 - it is full of sugar.  You read that correctly.  Sugar.  Sugar is probably my own worst fear.  My worst nightmare.  How can something so small, so inanimate have such amazing power over one person?  I don't understand.  I'd probably survive having my face gnawed off by rats easier than being locked in a room full of processed, chemical ridden, sugar based food.

It has been a challenging week.  I was overtired before Monday even started.  Busy weekend.  Every minute packed full.  My food started to slip on Saturday.  I don't remember my snap point, but I do know that by Sunday afternoon - I was eating macaroni salad and chicken katsu at a little Hawaiian joint in Palmdale.  Long Sunday, no time to prepare food for the week.  I ate a bag of Trader Joe's sweet potato chips for breakfast and lunch yesterday.  Fajitas for dinner.  Late night again.  And today - well, the downward spiral continued.  And the downward spiral included a cupcake at lunch and two mini butterfinger bars after dinner.  I feel yuck.  Stiff.  Sore tummy.  I knew it.  I know better.

I went to Monster Fitness last night to look at pricing.  I was immediately turned off.  That rank smell of Globogym.  CrossFit, you have spoiled me so.  The music was so loud, I could barely hear the 100 pound muscleless sales lady trying to explain how great all the classes were.  Machines were empty.  That was a change from a typical Globogym at rush hour.  We passed by about 20 people dangling off their own TRX.  I couldn't quite understand how some of the moves they were doing were natural, realistic, or relevant to improving oneself.  I'm not in a position to judge right now, but man, oh man... I was just irked.  The boxing class was so-so.  Boxing is a good workout.  But not when your'e in a room with 30 other people and one instructor that probably can't see you.  What in the world do you get from that?  When "Briana" asked if I had any questions, I inquired about their rowing machine.  She said they had one, pointed to it, then mentioned that only two people in the entire gym ever use it.  I don't know what kind of quality the machine was... it was definitely not a C2.  "Briana" then told me she tried it for about a minute and that was just too much for her.  Needless to say, I won't be returning to Monster Fitness anytime soon. 

I had a dream last night I was exercising.  My body is mad at me.  I can tell.  Now I have to get off my rear end and either get to WODing in the garage or paying a hefty premium and working out in Palmdale.  I miss CrossFit CalCity.  But I don't miss the daily drive.  (sigh) 

I know this was more of a gripe fest than anything.  I guess that's what's happens when I'm on sugar overload.  So here's my next goal - the next blog post will be action based.  What did I do to escape my room 101?  And what am I doing to move my body again?  At least I'm still on the journey... even if I AM getting dragged behind the wagon from which I fell.

Off to bed.  If nothing else, I can at least get 8 hours of sleep, right?  Okay, 7.5.  Close enough.

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