Strike a Pose.

I always get annoyed when people throw Bible verses out there... all out of context and communicated in a way to perfectly align to the point they are trying to make.  Well, get ready... I am about to be one of those people -

When pride comes, then comes disgrace,
but with humility comes wisdom.
          Proverbs 11:2

You want to know what I did last night?  I ran.  Day 1.  Week 1.  Couch potato to 5K.  A month ago, two months ago, a year ago... I was too good to start over.  I refused to humble myself and admit that I was slow and weak and needed to return to square one in my health and training.  When I was running marathons, I was a high maintenance runner.  Ask my "run support" husband that stood patiently for 5+ hours with ice cold Coke, frozen coconut jelly beans, and a bag of peanut butter pretzels.  You can look at pictures of my pre-race layout of a Garmin, number with safety pins pre-attached, ready to mix Accelerade with bottled water, my already frozen Accelerade (with bottled water), and perfectly cut PB&J sandwiches - no crust... it makes my mouth dry.  I knew it was obsessive.  So was spending three hours preparing a seven hour "marathon mix" for my iPod.  And all for what?  To finish a race.  I wasn't fast.  I wasn't strong.  Even my best race was slow by marathon time standards.  But I kept racing, I kept racking up medals... but never did anything to improve.

I look back now and I want to laugh.  PB&J?  Coke?  Pretzels?  6000 calories was a lot of expended energy during those races - but I was fueling my tank with junk food.  No wonder I wasn't getting any better (or thinner!).  After three years of my downward spiral and a total nervous breakdown two weeks ago... I've taken some time to stop and pray.  To humble myself.  I'm not an elite athlete.  And how can I possibly help and encourage others who want to improve their health if I don't serve as a beacon of health and fitness myself?  This week, I'm taking the next few baby steps on my journey.  Protein and veggies.  Lots of veggies.  No grains or non-produce carbs.  No dairy.  Back to my roots.  If I start with the food, I can make arrangements and plans to accommodate the fitness later down the road.

Day 1.  Week 1.  20 minutes of alternating running and walking.  Matt and I took the dogs with us.  And during the whole run, all I could tell myself was "its okay to start over.  Its okay to rebuild.  You can't break through the original barriers without completely rebuilding a new, strong foundation."  Guess what.  Great Day 1.   I ran fast.  I ran barefoot.  And I ran Pose consistently for the entire time I ran.  No foot shuffles, nothing.  With humility, comes wisdom.  Its not up to me to succeed.  Its up to me to humble myself, to put my faith in God.  I'm just going to enjoy the ride - no matter how fast or slow I may be moving.

Finished the evening with 10 assisted pull-ups in the garage and a yummy bowl of black bean soup to feed the metabolic furnace.  (I know, I know - legumes, blah blah blah.  Baby steps, remember?)

Tonight's agenda?  More pull-ups.  Maybe a mini-WOD.  Whatever it is, its better than sulking on the couch with a Popsicle.

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  1. BAHAHAHAHAHA...at first i read "how can i possibly help and encourage others who want to improve their health if i don't serve as a BACON of health and fitness myself?".

    HAHAHHAHAHAhahaa...bacon...ahahahahaha...aheh..ahem. sorry.

    also, i just ate a popsicle.