An action based post... Next step, squat, and stroke on the journey...

Almost two months.  Probably because its taken me that long to start making forward progress.  I started a three day cleanse today.  Bought some Shakeology from a friend of mine and am following his prescribed cleanse for the next three days... well, mostly.  I have to admit - I don't mind the taste of "green", but a weird sweet green is a little bothersome.  Combine that with Yogi detox tea... and well, I'm almost convinced that the "cleanse" is actually achieved by inducing vomiting of all stomach contents remaining from the holidays.  That's okay.  Ito En green tea will work just as well and I really like the taste.
Food today:
Greenberry shake.
Detox tea - one mug.
And a lot of water. 
Chicken is on the counter defrosting for dinner.  Brussel sprouts in the fridge awaiting their time in my oven.  Who would've ever thought I'd fall in love with roasted brussel sprouts?!

Repeat Tuesday and Wednesday.  Then its back into a 90%ish Paleo diet.  10% = brown rice.  I just can't do it.  Yet.

Physical fitness is slowly gaining momentum again, too.  Been seeing a Pilates instructor once a week for about a month.  I LOVE the sessions.  Feels stretchy and elongating and really really good.  Even better - I suffered through two sessions of CrossFit last week.  Its been almost six months.  Almost.  And the best part about it?  I really love getting back into it.  CrossFit California City is open for adults again with Tuesday and Thursday sessions focused on lifting.  This makes me very happy.  Part three of the fitness triangle?  My Concept rower is being delivered today.  I am excited.  It will join the array of gym equipment in the garage to serve solely as a piece of exercise equipment and not just a laundry rack.  I am determined to prove my husband wrong.  How can you not love rowing?  15 minutes and I'm ready to curl up on the floor and cry.  So fantastic!
(This is not a laundry rack)
So that's about it.  I'm glad I can offer a positive update.  Now I need to harness together some sort of schedule and keep up with some goal setting.  Right now I have my eye on the R&R in Dallas in March.