Momentum is an amazing thing...

So I'm beginning to see a pattern with this blogging thing... two months here, two months there... I've just been so busy enjoying my new rower, I haven't taken the time to post an update.  In all seriousness, I think then things are going well - I get lazy with tracking.  So when its time to go back and figure out what I did to "make progress", I can't... because there isn't record of those activities.  January was a very good month for me for a multitude of reasons... which I will share with all of you right now.

1) Shakeology is a Godsend.  That three day cleanse kicked me into gear and has helped me get back on a solid track with food and food choices.  Michael, I can't thank you enough for helping me kick the sugar cravings and getting back into a healthy state of mind about food!

2) I love you, Concept 2 rower.  You give me reason to get up in the morning.  You kick my butt and I like it so much, I come back for more.  I'm not one for thinking up crazy workouts and I'd be content sitting there rowing for 20 minutes, gasping for air, and whimpering like a baby... but Coach Bob made one little suggestion about how I need to switch things up and with the help of CrossFit Endurance, I have an infinite number of rowing workouts.  And that makes me happy.

3) I prayed.  God listened.  There is a new CrossFit box five minutes from work.  Okay, seven minutes.  It started as a small investigation... who are these folks and why are they touting CrossFit all over their storefront... especially right across the parking lot from Monster Globogym?  Then that small investigation turned into a 3rd degree of the coaches... which evolved into a week trial week... and long story short?  I liked what I learned and experienced.  Jeremy, Eddie, and Mark were full of passion and enthusiasm.  Training and skills.  And most important, they had a genuine care and concern for the handful of people that would soon be dedicated CrossFit athletes.  And that handful would grow exponentially.  Monster CrossFit has become an addiction.  I grumble and groan when I see the WOD posted on the web page before going in... then I get into my head and tell myself that whatever it is, I can only get stronger, faster, and healthier... even if it involves a small flood of tears before the WOD is done.  Needless to say, I try to get up there every night possible... which ranges between three and four a week.  Pilates is a still a regular Tuesday night fixture and I love that the core work at pilates supports improved form at CrossFit and the strength from CrossFit helps with pilates.  The guys at Monster CF are awesome and are the reason I keep going back.  Its hard to NOT want to keep improving, keep working out, keep pushing through in the amazing environment that they've created up there.

4) Food has become a non-issue for me.  Which is exactly what I've needed for a long time.  Shakes with coconut milk for breakfast - I know they're not Paleo, but they're working for me.  They keep me filled until lunch... and for now, I'm happy.  Lunch is meat and veggies.  With a fruit snack thrown in sometime later in the afternoon.  Handful of pecans.  And I'm good to go until dinner.  More meat and veggies.  Maybe I should try to eat more fish... probably so.  I'll work on that.

5) With all the physical improvements, it becomes much easier to get my mind right... which has a direct impact on everything else in my life.  Being a more pleasant wife taking front and center, of course!  Though if you ask my husband, there's always room for improvement... (right, Honey?)

6) I attended an AMAZING goal setting seminar with one of the original CrossFit firebreathers, Greg Amundson.  It is truly an incredible revelation when you realize just how much of an impact what you say to yourself, what you say to others, and what others say to you can have on your performance, your health, and your general well-being.  I will never forget the stories Greg told and how they get deep inside your mind... its one of those things that will always stick with you.  Which is good when you're in the middle of a WOD, want to curl up on the mat and give up... but instead think back to story about the guy who completed his first muscle-up IN competition.  How can I not get motivated by that?

Needless to say... the ball is on the move, the momentum is building... and I'm back on a good path.  I'm happy.  And I'm focused.  Now I need to be sure to document these small successes so when I stumble in the future, I'll have something I can refer back to that will help push me back in the right direction.

There's a few challenges coming up in the next month... a lot of travel and a serious lack of CrossFit accessibility.  I'm hoping to feed on this momentum and push myself through some body weight workouts... get in some running... and make the smartest choices I can while I'm on the road.  I can do this, right?  I'll just "breathe and fire!"  (Thanks, Greg Amundson, for such a powerful mantra!)