E-hugs for our soldiers!

This is a post that is long overdue... one that has been lingering on my back burner for months.  Since I seem to have staked some claim on a tiny little corner of this giant interweb - I will use it not only to track my journey to better health and fabulous fitness, but to throw out a few personal sentiments about life and on-goings and other whatnots.  (ie: my earlier post from today)

Osama Bin Laden is dead.  Terrorism and dissension in the Middle East are not.  A lot of us have friends, family, and some connection to the soldiers that are currently deployed and I want to take a moment to give these men and women a little e-love and lots of respect.  This includes a very special thanks to Adam and Jedd and Josh for doing what they do every day. 

Adam is a good friend of my husband... and through the transitive property, a good friend of mine.  He has a beautiful family.  For awhile he was kicking my rear at Bejeweled and I wouldn't go to sleep some nights until my score far exceeded his.  Seriously, Adam - don't you have a war to fight?  Matt and I both look forward to Adam's return home - because that means we get to go play bingo in Vegas and hang out in the OJ suite at Palace Station.  I hear there may even be a kayak trip on the agenda!

Jedd is a good friend from church.  Jedd, Heidi and their kids are a CrossFit family, which automatically makes them awesome.  Heidi is an inspiration... in the church, in the home, during CrossFit WODs.  Heidi and Jedd have a fabulous family and you are truly blessed to be able to spend time in their presence.  We all look forward to Jedd's safe return - because things around here just aren't complete without him.

I don't know Josh personally, but he is special to people that are special to me.  Josh is the brother of our pastor's wife and I know he is a big fan of Nerds candy.  We pray for Josh often and I know his sister and his family are eager for his safe homecoming as well.

I just wanted to take a few minutes to give these guys some love... some kudos... to say "THANK YOU FOR BEING AMAZING!" and ask that you take a few moments and say a prayer for each of them, for their families, and for their safe return home.

We love you, guys!

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