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Figures.  Another month has passed by and I've not made an opportunity to capture everything that has happened since the hospital.  Holy cow, a lot has happened.

Saturday in the hospital was eventful.  Visitor after visitor bringing treats and goodies.  Multiple laps around the floor with my husband.  It was nice to be up and around, looking out at sunshine, playing cards and spending time in the lobby.  There was hope that I was going to be getting out.  Soon.  Until I woke up on Sunday morning and the nurse on duty told me that I can't walk around anymore - the walking was not allowing my CK levels to go down.  I cried.  Please tell me you are kidding me.  I'm confined to a stupid hospital bed?  Stupid rhabdo.  Stupid muscle waste.  The rest of the morning was spent fidgeting with Skype so that I could "attend" church that morning.  Ironically, the call dropped about the time the congregation was doing prayer requests.  Matt came to visit and spent the day hanging out bedside.  It was about as exciting as laying in a hospital bed could possibly be.  Monday morning arrived and kidney doctor came by inquiring as to why I was still there... "You tell me"... my CK numbers for the day were around 1900.  Clearly a vast improvement from the 22,000 the previous Wednesday.  Still a ways away from a normal level of 90.  With my mother-in-law in wait, keys in hand... I was released.  Discharge papers signed, stack of hospital jargon info papers in hand and I was on my way home... with the promise that I would take it easy.

Now what?  I slept.  A lot.  I was tired.  A lot.  Energy was zapped.  Physical body was zapped.  But the sleep was renewing and refreshing.  And I clearly needed it.  As I waited for my body to ramp back up to a capable level of accomplishing physical tasks without completely draining myself... my calendar slowly began to fill back up.  Lunches and dinners with caring friends.  Back to school to resume my classes (100% on my Jade Stone final two days later).  A weekend in Carson, CA watching the Fittest in The World compete at the CrossFit Games.  Follow-up doctor's appointments and acupuncture appointments.  And most importantly - going out and about with the hubby... to fairs and to Disneyland.  I started my hours in the school clinic - 50 massages down.  100 to go.  And now today... every day of the week has become packed full of activity (much of it entails driving and sitting in my car on the 405 listening to the traffic report about how the 405 is slow moving.  Seriously?).

Rhabdo update: so far - blood work follow-up looks good.  I still get tired easy and have done two CrossFit workouts since I've been home.  Two.  I have a standing order with the blood lab to go and get my CK checked if I ever panic that the rhabdo is coming back.  Good to know.  Because these workouts make me feel like a newbie all over again.  Tough to discern the standard muscle soreness from a rhabdo onset.  Call it paranoia, I call it caution.

And now I sit - with a blank calendar in front of me... crying for a new schedule.  A new training plan.  Clearly, I cannot return to the road I was on before.  I have to change how I go about preparing for this 1/2 marathon staring me in the face in exactly two months.
Looking forward to seeing this once again!
So here's how this is going to go... I may not PR, but I'm going to run the best 1/2 I've run since 2007.  And that's a good goal for me.  I'm 100% Paleo and feeling really good.  Energy levels are up (probably too much... can someone please tell my body I just fell asleep at midnight... it does not need to be wide awake and ready to go at 4 am!) and I'm making a slow ascent back up my hill to happiness.  Sprint work, plyometrics, heavy lifting... and distance time trials on the weekends with plenty rest days built in to the mix.  Oh, and a LOT of water.  That's the plan.  That's where I'm going.  I even have a fancy new jump rope that make double-unders a piece of cake.  Okay, maybe not a piece of cake - but the flesh on my arms and calves don't look like a rogue pirate after his lashings.  And that's a start.  I should also mention that each 50 minute massage I give in the clinic burns 300 calories.  Considering I could wring out my shirt by the end of each one - I believe it.

This post turned out to not be exactly what I wanted it to be... but to serve as a shout to the world that I'm back on track.  A different track... but a good one.  One with more awareness of my body's limits and that sometimes I need to stop and listen when it is screaming at me.  I can no longer just scream back and drag it along for the ride.

CrossFit tonight.  Short run tomorrow.  Mid-term exam prep tomorrow.  6 hours of massage on Sunday.  Sleep on Monday.  Lots and lots of sleep on Monday.

3 - 2 - 1... GO!

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