Week 2 On The Whole30

The Daily Countdown... Half Way Through!

15 Days and I haven't been presented with divorce papers.  I'm loving how well this is going so far!  Matt and I are half way through the Whole30 and we are both feeling great.  Week 2 was a little challenging - Matt was working out of town and had a few late nights... which meant lazy me survived on leftovers and didn't make much effort to cook and Matt had to be creative and resourceful while he was away.  Our week of food went something like this:

My breakfast for most of the week consisted of leftover miscellaneous veggies and roasted kabocha squash with a side of scrambled eggs... or topped with a poached egg if I was feeling adventurous.  I prepared a huge batch of sweet potato hash for Matt to use in the mornings and he consistently enjoyed his hash and eggs alongside a giant pink grapefruit.  Um, excuse me, but did they fertilize the citrus trees with sugar this year?  Because these babies are GOOD!  Sweet, juicy, and delicious!

Sweet Potato Hash

Leftover Mixed Veggies with Kabocha and Ground Beef
Eggs and Ground Beef with Wilted Spinach

Lunch for me was usually my breakfast... I don't seem to be hungry until almost noon, so that's when I get ambitious and cook up my meal reheat my leftovers and throw something together.  Matt has been using Sunday to prepare his lunch meat for the week.  This week's creation:  a very tasty rosemary pork loin.  On the few nights when he was stuck in the field late, he opted to save his lunch for dinner and ate eggs at a local restaurant for lunch.  I'm so proud of my caveman!

I was happy when Matt's schedule normalized at the end of the week.  That meant all the fabulous fare that was chilling in my fridge would finally get to be made into something delightful and filling.  Our first dinner together for the week came from Well Fed, of course!  Actually, I think everything I made this week was out of Well Fed... the recipes are just that good.  I enjoyed making a batch of the most delicious citrus carnitas - in fact, my mouth is watering just thinking about them.  I also prepared the cumin-roasted carrots and whipped up a few servings of homemade guacamole.  I cannot even express how amazing this meal was.  Perhaps it was having my husband back at the dinner table... or maybe it was the crispy, zesty goodness of the pork.  They both made dinner extremely enjoyable.

I've never made homemade guacamole before, but have recently been inspired by reading so many food blogs and thought I'd give it a shot:

*2 ripe avocados
*Juice from 1 lime
*1 Tbsp Penzey's Crushed Jalapeños
*Salt and Pepper to taste

Mix the ingredients in a bowl, chill for ~20 minutes, devour.  Clearly I am not a culinarian.

The carnitas barely survived two full meals which meant I would finally get to prepare a roasted eggplant strata... which is delicious... but is still in my fridge.  It makes more than enough for two people to consume for dinner... and breakfast... and lunch... and dinner... and still have some left over for later.  It is a very filling dish and that is probably why it lasts so long - you don't need to eat a lot to feel satisfied... but I did, because it is just that darn tasty!

Snacks were mostly made up of apples and organic unsweetened SunButter, kale chips, or way too many cashews and macadamia nuts.  The nuts seem to be my last lingering vice and I keep telling myself "no more" and they keep insisting on coming home with me.  How can I say no to those cute little... faces?

I'd like to take just a moment to point out that Matt has consumed quite a few foods that he normally wouldn't eat and I am extremely proud that our "Tongue" tradition is continuing on... To date, my husband has consumed:

* Kale
* Kabocha squash
* Wilted spinach
* Eggplant... as an entire meal, not just a bite!

It is kind of exciting for both of us and I would like to think that already tucking the belt in an extra notch is a little more inspiration to keep trying all the crazy foods I keep making for us.

My husband is a warrior.  Look at him knocking down that wilted spinach like a champ!

The headband was a recent purchase from WODLove.  They are fantastic for doing max reps of burpees in 7 minutes and eating your vegetables.  Everyone feels like a winner when they wear that logo!


  1. Ha ha... I just realized I lost accurate track of the date when I was updating. Sunday was actually the 26th of February. Oops!

  2. "sweet potato hash"...what?... that's awesome!! I will be hitting you up Dania on my Well Fed ventures, best believe!! and for some of the questions that may come your way, please hold laughter until i step away from FB or blogspot or cell phone. be mindful i come from a place of growing up on hamburger helper...(Hi MOM...love you!)