Conversations of a couple on Whole30

A few times this month, Matt has dropped a few funny conversations on me and I thought I'd share them here so these precious pearls are not forever lost.

Conversation #1:
M:  I went into a gas station today and guess what I saw!
D:  I don't know.  Cigarettes?  Junk food?
M:  A red velvet MUFFIN!
D:  What?
M:  They had red velvet MUFFINS!  I've never seen a red velvet muffin before!
D:  Oh, because you never saw a red velvet cupcake without frosting?

I think his brain was resetting... he was still eliminating the gluten and sugar from his body which may have been contributing to brain fog.  So I'll just chalk this one up to the fog 'clearing.'

Conversation #2:
We were discussing what gas station alternatives are available if one is caught in the middle of nowhere unprepared with pre-packed healthy snacks.
M:  So which is worse?  Nuts roasted in canola oil or a Butterfinger?
D:  They're both bad.
M:  If you had to choose one, which would you choose?
D:  Neither.
M:  So it's like picking between strychnine and arsenic?
D:  Yup.

In MY mind, if it's not good for your body, it's not good for your body.  Period.  I think he got the point.

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