The Final Countdown

Before I start... please partake of this music video.

Today is Day 23.  That means Matt and I have one more week of our Whole30... which really doesn't mean a whole lot for me.  It does, however, mean that Matt will more than likely start adding a few allergen laden foods back into his diet... and the science nerd in me that just spent eight days watching Sean Croxton's Underground Wellness Paleo Summit is excited to see "what happens" when Matt starts to digest the foods he's been away from for a month.  There are so many possibilities of what has happened from the inside: what type of healing/resetting/restoring has taken place.  My goal is for him to "add" one item at a time and to observe and be astutely aware of its impact on him.  But enough of my creepy science experiment wishes and dreams on my husband... All that will surface in later posts...

Here's the good part!  What did we stuff into our meatza holes this week?

On Sunday I was glued to my computer screen, listening to Mark Sisson give a very general explanation of the Primal Lifestyle... I slacked on my weekly cook-up until Monday, which wasn't too big of a deal.  In the spirit of being prepared, Matt worked diligently on his mustard basted pork roast that would serve as lunch for the week.  I woke up early on Monday to make Matt breakfast and prepare all his "breakfast mixins" for the week... Italian seasoned organic ground beef and a giant pan of sauteed mixed veggies.  I didn't season the vegetables since Matt would be mixing them with already seasoned meat and I'm sure a few hearty splashes of Frank's Original.  I am a very proud wife this week.  My husband incorporated VEGGIES into his breakfasts!  Shade your eyes... I'm glowing over here!  Each morning, Matt would heat up the browned ground beef and veggies and mix it all with scrambled eggs.  If that isn't the perfect start to a day... well, it just is.  Trust me.

Coconut oil, zucchini, red pepper, asparagus, and broccoli - chop and mix your favorites for a customized veggie stir-fry

Since there was still plenty of eggplant strata left from the previous week, that was my first meal of the day for most of the week.  Sometimes I'd make an extra scrambled egg to toss alongside and sometimes not.  Breakfasts were usually lunch for me (I'll be doing a post about my eating schedule later this week), so I would only grab a few pieces of pineapple or roast up some kale chips before heading over to Murphy's Barbell Club to get my lift/run/squat/burpee on.  Come Saturday, I made a feeble attempt at the jicama home fries from Well Fed... don't go in expecting potatoes, folks.  I'll probably give this recipe another shot - but will use a cast iron skillet and incorporate some toasty time under the broiler.  To Matt's credit, he ate 98% of what I put on his plate Saturday morning.  After trying the concoction a few hours later (when he had long left the house), I was happy he made it through as much as he did.  Needless to say, this was not one of my favorites.

Jicama Home Fries - ready for their time in the skillet

Last week's dinner was where the foodie excitement really surfaced.  I wanted to try making an entire chicken... that's one of the side effects of a Paleo Lifestyle:  you get brave in the kitchen!  You try new foods and you cook a lot of really great stuff!  (Okay, so that's three side effects.  Whatevs.)  I found a link through NomNomPaleo's recipe page and made my own additional tweaks to ensure it was Whole30 compliant.  The sorta modified, exceptionally delicious version of Dorie Greenspan's Chicken-In-A-Pot is a fantastic meal for a big family or two very hungry carnivores.  This beautiful bird lasted us all week.  But I will admit, we were pretty chickened out by Thursday.

On Thursday, I attempted slow roasted ribs in the oven.  They were boneless.  Mistake #1.  I didn't adjust cooking time and monitor my meat as well as I should have.  Mistake #2.  They were certainly flavorful, but most definitely not my greatest showing.  Matt kindly threw some asparagus on the grill and more than made up for the lacking flavor profile with the meat.

Friday's dinner was much more exciting... at least we hid the boring ol' rib alongside some fantastic flavors.  I diced up an English cucumber, red onion, and carrots then tossed them with salt and pepper, and a little balsamic vinegar and Basil Olive Oil from St. Helena.  I topped my serving with a little chopped cilantro and diced avocado.  Matt prepped and roasted the long overdue Brussels sprouts that had taken up permanent residence in the back of the fridge.  And I, of course, microwaved a yam in which to partake post butt-kicking WOD at Murphy's.  (Lots of rowing, lots of sit-ups.  My abs are still achy today.)  Matt mashed up the rest of the avocado with some salt and pepper and ate the "guacamole" with the beef rib. 

Saturday was a "cheat" night... Cheat as in I was too lazy and Paleo Summited out to really cook anything special.  I roasted a spaghetti squash for 35 minutes and browned some ground beef in a skillet then mixed in a jar of White Linen Collection marinara sauce from Costco.  The ingredients are all compliant and the sauce is DELICIOUS!  When the squash was done, I strung it out into little spaghetti strands and then topped it with the meat sauce.  Matt loved it.  I loved it.  It was quick, easy, and very tasty.

Clearly, I didn't make enough effort to drain/dry the water from my squash.  Didn't care.  I was in full-blown slack off mode.

And now... we're down to the end.  It is the Final Countdown to Day 30.  In the tradition of last week's post, I snapped a shot of my wonderful husband prepping his lunch for the week - brined, seasoned, and grilled chicken tenders!  His elbow "conveniently" blocked his smiling face.

My Co-Chef Hard at Work... Bork, Bork, Bork!

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