Paleo F(x), cont.

 "The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease."
-Thomas Edison

Thursdays events and excitement are all summarized HERE.  If you haven't yet, take a peekie to get caught up.

Friday most assuredly brought another full day of presentations and inspiring information that topped off my notebook and dried out my stash of pens.  The morning began with a sampling of the Paleo F(x) DVD of which I am eagerly anticipating the release.  The first session of the day was an Ask the Paleo Experts Mastermind Panel.

Dr. Jack Kruse, Dean Dwyer, Dr. Ron Rosedale, Nora Gedgaudas, Jimmy Moore from Livin' LaVida Low Carb, Dallas Hartwig from Whole9, Dr. Emily Deans of Evolutionary Psychiatry, Dr. David Pendergrass, Keith Norris, Dr. Lane Sebring, and Dr. Paul Jaminet of Perfect Health Diet... that's quite a panel of experts if you ask me.  This also meant quite a spectrum of thoughts and ideas on particular subjects and a 50 minute Q&A session on topics ranging from Vitamin D deficiencies, causes, and remedies... to the consumption of safe starches and a few differing views across the panel regarding them... to identifying personal goals and understanding what you want from yourself and of your body and establishing methods to achieving those goals accordingly.  Even after a few back and forths between Dr. Paul Jaminet and Dr. Jack Kruse - the one note that I keep seeing throughout my book of notes is this: I have to be the expert on me.

My next session was entitled Paleo 101: Smartest Loser Program, A Case Study.  Dr. David Pendergrass of appetiteregulation.com and the Director of the Molecular Biosciences program at Kansas University started off by leading the audience in a delightful rendition of "Paleo People"... a fun little song about the diets and habits of Paleo people.  Once we all felt a little goofy and a lot more at ease, Dr. Pendergrass then moved into his presentation covering the science behind addiction, what happens to our bodies neurologically when we consume carbohydrates, and discussed a program that he and his daughter had conducted at their local community center... how to transition a group of people from the Standard American Diet into a Paleo diet.  He was met with resistance at the beginning from the center director - after some modifications and tweaks to their approach, the 12 week program a success.  I didn't capture the notes on the final statistics and for that I apologize.  Overall, a very engaging and informative presentation.

I rounded off my morning with Nora Gedgaudas, who is a Certified Nutritional Therapist and author of Primal Body, Primal Mind.  Nora's presentation was entitled "From Carbovore to Carnivore" and was completely enthralling.  This was probably another one of my absolute favorites of the symposium (I'm realizing there are more favorites than I originally thought)... for some reason, what was presented really hit home for me.  Nora began by showing images of a fireplace then comparing the food we consume to the types of fuel for the fire.  If it's a cold winter and we're snuggled up next to that fire - we don't want to have to keep adding fuel and adding fuel... she likened this to beans, rice, potatoes, starches, and alcohol... they are like trying to keep a fire burning with twigs, paper, and gasoline.  The fire will burn but we have to keep continuously grasping for something else to burn, something else to burn, something else to burn.  When we fuel our metabolic fire with carbs - we are sugar burners.  On the other hand - protein and fat are like the huge robust logs that you put on the fire and it lasts all night long... much like not having to worry about the fire after you've placed those hearty logs, if you are an efficient fat burner - food and thinking about food will no longer preoccupy your mind.  BOOM!  Palm smacking face.  I will never forget that analogy and will continue to share it with those who question my choice to eat a high protein/saturated fat diet and not a low-fat, high-carb diet.  Nora also pointed out that if we cannot afford to be sick, we cannot afford to NOT eat optimally well.  The presentation continued on to explain disglycemia, food sensitivity, conditions that are a direct result of food sensitivities, serotonin deficiencies, and the impact that poor sleeping habits and extreme stress can have on our bodies.  If you read my first day summary - you also read that relaxation is not a luxury.  It is a necessity.  The presentation was fascinating and fulfilling and I couldn't believe I absorbed as much as I did in the mere 40 minutes of discussion and 10 minutes of Q&A.  Here's a snippet that I know will resonate with some of my friends - hot flashes are NOT normal!

The first time I heard Chris Kresser speak was during the Underground Wellness Paleo Summit.  I was fascinated by all he had to say about cholesterol and statins and I went back and listened to that particular piece three different times, the second time I insisted Matt sit with me... all in one day because it was only available for 24 hours.  It was exciting to be able to hear him speak in person about cholesterol and the evolving beliefs around it.  I won't even begin to summarize Chris's presentation, but I will direct you to a few links on his blog.  I sincerely suggest you head over there and take a peek at this one: 5 Reasons Not to Worry About Your Cholesterol Numbers and this one: Why You Should Eat More, Not Less Cholesterol.   While you're there, why not subscribe to his podcast so you can stay abreast of the nutritional and health information as he shares it.

Once my brain was substantially aching, it was time for a little fun and I made my way back to watch the cooking demonstrations in the main room.  One of my all time Paleo heroes and recipe queen - NomNomPaleo started by hand whipping a fresh batch of mayonnaise and then preparing Spicy Crab and Avocado Temaki.  It was exciting to watch as the Paleo Paparazzi snapped photos, including Michelle Tam's husband - FitBomb!  I couldn't wait to see those exact pictures posted on her blog the following day.

Next up on the cooking stage were the delightfully charming Food Lovers - Bill Staley and Hayley Mason.  They're even cuter in person than on their web page and cookbook.  I have to admit, it is so much more fun cooking their recipes at home once you have met them!  While Hayley sweated and worked hard to prepare the Primal Palate's Skirt Steak Fajitas, Bill did what he apparently normally does in their kitchen... and took pictures!  They were fun to watch, the food smelled great, and we even got a few photography tips from Bill.  If you haven't seen his pictures, be sure to visit The Food Lovers' Kitchen... or even better - buy their cookbook.  I love it and have been staining it with sauces and oils since I got back from Austin.  Kidding about the stainage, not about the excessive use.

After watching the folks behind the blogs that I follow and who's recipes I pilfer from in great frequency, it was time to head over and watch all of them speak at once on the Virtual Foodies Panel: Contributions to The Tribe, moderated by Whole9 co-founder Melissa Hartwig.  Dallas Hartwig was tweeting live-action commentary from the side of the room.  I was in Paleo blogger heaven!  These are the folks that all made Paleo doable.  Here was a stage full of people, not much different than you and I, that had taken their talents and skills and shared them with all the world.  Dallas and Melissa were the spark that started my journey three years ago and Michelle Tam, Melissa Joulwan, Charles and Julie Mayfield, Bill Staley and Hayley Mason, all pushed me along... keeping me (and my husband) very well fed along the way.  Michelle Norris, executive chef at Caveman Cuisine, also sat on the panel with much to offer to the discussion.  In fact, my favorite comment of the entire session was from Michelle in reference to eating Paleo:  It is a 'what you can have' lifestyle, not a 'what you can't have diet.'  YES!  Absolutely yes!  My second favorite comment was from Charles Mayfield of Paleo Comfort FoodsPaleo is an awareness of what you're eating... It's not lines you've crossed, it's an awareness the lines exist.  It was reassuring and comforting to hear the encouragement from the panel and relaxing to know there was going to be no discussion about cortisol or leptins or adrenal fatigue... even with Dallas and Melissa standing so close.  This was the panel for every day folk just trying to make it through a day in their Paleo kitchen and I loved it!

The next presentation was another tough decision between the three offerings - but I opted to hear Erwan LeCorre speak about his MovNat program.  I'm not gonna lie... he's easy on the eyes and I enjoy listening to him speak.  It must be the accent.  Although Dean Dwyer was speaking on a different stage, his Canadian accent just wasn't strong enough to lure me toward his presentation instead.  Even though my initial reasons for attending may not have had a "paleo purpose",  I did get a lot of valuable information and insight from Erwan's presentation.  He pointed out that the general population of "we" now live in an unnatural environment... we live in a zoo.  And we've become domesticated.  Think about it - we sit all day.  In our cars, at a desk, at home.  Modern exercise has become an optional activity.  Machines should not dictate how we move.  Moving naturally is a "bioLOGICAL" necessity.  The remainder of the presentation consisted of Erwan walking the audience through his programming and about how to relearn natural movement.  MovNat programming is for everyone and NOT specializing is encouraged.  Quality of movement is primary.  There are currently MovNat workshops in the U.S. and internationally.  For those trainers and coaches who have a particular interest in the programming, there is also a MovNat Certification program.  Once life settles down, I'd really like to take Matt out to one of these workshops - they look like so much fun and we both love being outdoors and MOVING about!

The next presentation I attended was by far my most favorite, favorite, favorite of the entire symposium.  Before this trip, I had not heard of Dr. Lane Sebring.  I was intrigued by some of the comments and input he had made during a few of the Mastermind presentations and was looking forward to hearing him speak during his own session.  I was not only not disappointed, but what I heard far exceeded my expectations... whatever they were.  Dr. Sebring is a primary care and integrative anti-aging physician with 20 years of clinical experience, 13 years of which have been strictly Paleo diet based.  He was present in 1999 for Dr. Loren Cordain's presentation on - Cereal Grains: Humanity's Double Edged Sword.  Dr. Sebring explained that drugs and scalpels are the only thing taught in medical school and how all of the other modalities of care - nutrition, acupuncture, chiropractic, etc. are viewed to be ineffective and potentially dangerous.  He explained why statin drugs are a sham.  What I really appreciated hearing was "We are not smart enough to do what we are doing [with medicine].  We do not know enough to do what we are doing [with medicine]."  We need to go back to when we DID know.  "Paleo and practice can treat everything... except stupid."  Very well said.  The rest of my notes are page after page of teeny handwriting about orthomolecular medicine, IV Vitamin C for cancer treatment, diseases that he's seen in his clinic and has treated or made nearly non-existent... including diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, neoplasms, infertility, psoriasis... and the list just goes on.  As expected it would.  I also heard for the third or fourth time during the whole PFX Symposium about changing insurance to allow for the freedom and flexibility to select a doctor and treatment that will truly get you well and not just make you sicker, keep you sick, and drain your savings in the process.  I called Matt later in the evening, trying to not bounce off the walls and relayed everything I possibly could from Dr. Sebring's presentation.  When I got home I showed him the pamphlet for the clinic... and in a very hopeful attempt to start introducing some alternative treatment methods to the rest of the family, I passed the information on to my in-laws.  My father-in-law is ill to a degree I won't post on here - but I so strongly believe that nutrition and lifestyle changes would have such a great impact in the outcome of what he is facing.  And who couldn't use a nice trip to Texas Hill Country for a consultation, at least?  I wish I lived closer to Wimberly, as I'd probably be on Dr. Sebring's doorstep for a few of my own personal health concerns.

The final presentation of the day was about the Psychology of Change with a panel featuring Nora Gedgaudas, Dan Pardi of Dan's Plan, Mark Sisson of MarksDailyApple, Dr. Emily Deans of Evolutionary Psychiatry, Dr. Shilpi Mehta, Roger Dickerman of CrossFit Relentless, and Dr. David Pendergrass.  What was exciting was how each presenter really reinforced the fact that the ancestral movement, the Paleo lifestyle, etc. is a revolution.  It is gaining momentum and as one person spreads the word by serving as a living example, others will continue to follow and the movement will continue to grow.  This was another presentation that was full of information, fun to watch, and incredibly inspiring.  To see a panel comprised of trainers, nutritionists, and doctors reminded me that there is still hope for the future of health and wellness in this country.  And that we need to get involved, be active, and spread the word.   The concept that stuck with me most from this particular panel was presented by Roger Dickerman - he suggested that we become a "community architect" - be the person that finds the "dream team" of Paleo experts in our local area... medical doctors, alternative practitioners, nutritionists, trainers, etc and be the source that people can go to when they are looking for a Paleo supportive environment.  Apparently there was a greater explanation around this at the Community Outreach Mastermind panel discussion the previous day.  Just one more reason I'll be purchasing the DVD!

The Symposium closed with Keith, Michelle, and Kevin thanking everyone for attending and requesting that we all stay in touch... provide feedback... and stay in the loop.  Most definitely!!  Paleo F(x) was life changing for me in that I realized I'm not alone on my journey.  Faces behind the blogs, the web pages, the articles belong to real people whose beliefs, thoughts, and ideas make sense.  Since I left Austin in March, I have started following more Facebook posts, read more articles, and can't get enough around what we are doing to our bodies and how to truly be good to ourselves and work toward optimum wellness.  I will most certainly be an annual participant.  I can't wait to get back.  And I think I may even have my husband on board and perhaps a few friends who believe in what I'm doing... leading by example does work.  I left PFX12 a starfish... and have since lit a fire in others to be starfish, too.  It is empowering.  It is exciting.  And I can't wait to see where this all goes...

Keep following my journey until PFX13 at www.kaizenneener.com

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