Paleo F(x) - Day 1

Alright, I admit it.  I sucked at taking notes and documenting my outstanding experience at Paleo F(x) the past few days in Austin.  I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but what I walked away with was beyond what I could have ever imagined.  At times I felt like I was hanging out with Jim Jones, sipping on some Kool-Aid... but most of the time, my growing faith in the Paleo Lifestyle was reassured and nurtured and I realized I wasn't alone in my passion for taking care of my own body and helping spread that passion to others.  I just want to say one thing before I get into my Day 1 summary:

Paleo isn't about eating meat and fat.  Paleo isn't another trendy low-carb, high fat diet.  Paleo is not Atkins Part II.  Paleo IS about taking control of your own life.  Taking ownership of your health, your body, the way you eat (aka DIET), and the results that arise from the choices you make.  Paleo is an awareness of what happens when you make particular decisions and being able to understand the how's and the why's of those decisions.  Nobody else can take care of you the way you can take care of you.  Educate yourself around every possible option, learn what is best for you, and do not depend on someone else to tell you whether your body is healthy or not.  Own up, people.  For your own sake!

Good thing I only used the 20" box for my soap box rant, I don't want to trip stepping down.

Now... Paleo F(x) Day 1.

My day started stupid early... like 1 am early.  In fact, I didn't even go to bed on Tuesday.  When I arrived in Austin, I was excited to meet my 'niece' Olive and a little nervous about walking into the symposium.  I expected a room full of elite athletes bedecked in Lululemon booty shorts, tan and chiseled, noshing on a whole raw red bell pepper as they discussed leptin resistance and high cortisol levels.  I reveal the REAL crowd demographic on Day 2...

Olive is wonderful!  I have the greatest niece in the world. 

See?  What'd I say?  Totes adorbs!

Paleo F(x) check-in was easy - I received a goodie bag with a schedule and huge baggie of almonds and made my way to the 5th floor of The Stark Center for the Welcome Speech.  I had some time and really enjoyed walking around the "Muscle and Grace" exhibit that was currently on display.  My favorite was perhaps the photographic history of Abbye "Pudgy" Stockton and Les Stockton during the early days of Muscle Beach in Santa Monica, CA.  I love seeing strong women portrayed as beautiful icons!  Women who can actually LIFT heavy things, like their own husbands!  The entire exhibit was a fascinating collection of the history of strength and pushing bodies to their limit for athletic performance.  A perfect way to kick off the weekend!

The small crowd that had gathered in the museum lobby was greeted by Paleo F(x) Co-Founder, Kevin Cottrell.  He immediately brought up Dr. Jack Kruse, a neurosurgeon with one heck of a story.  Dr. Kruse shared his experience as a young resident.  He spoke on some of the realizations that came to him early on in his career, but didn't truly take hold until more than a decade later.  I won't relay the entire story here - but the main point was that we should each take time to invest in the wellness and care of others and encourage transformation... because we never know who we may impact through our efforts...and who will continue on to share that love with others.  This "starfish story" became the theme of the entire event.

The evening was rounded out with NorCal margaritas, seeking out paleo blogging superstars, and making new friends.  The excitement was mounting and I couldn't wait for Day 2!

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