Paleo F(x) - Day 2

Day 2 of Paleo F(x) was even better than I expected.  I was planning to see a crowd quite similar to that of the CrossFit Games... and walked into a room full of anything but.  The group was diverse - ranging from long-term Paleo lifestylers to folks just getting started, only a few weeks in.  There were kids in college, thirty year olds, fifty year olds... and a few women I would guess were in at least their seventies.  There were folks from New Zealand, from Canada, from the Middle East.  Everyone was vibrant, full of energy, and most important - healthy!  For three days - we all came together with a common goal, a common bond... eating for our lives and optimizing our personal self.  

Here's a photo summary of the days events:

CJ Hunt shares his story about the making of "In Search of the Perfect Human Diet"

Our view for the duration of the symposium

Robb Wolf speaks about what it takes to run a great gym... one of my favorite presentations of the entire symposium!

Chris Kresser demonstrates how to cook Chicken Xacutti - it smelled soooo good in there!

The only part I didn't like was that we didn't get to taste it!

Do I REALLY have to drink my water from these cups?

The super fabulous, incredibly witty Melissa Joulwan cooks up coconut almond green beans

If I haven't convinced you enough already - GET WELL FED!

Chipotle chicken salad lunch provided by Caveman Cuisine of Austin, Texas

Diana Rodgers, Robb Wolf, Shannon Ford, Judith McGeary, Michelle Norris, Heather Isely, Dr. Amy Myers, and Dean Dwyer exchange ideas about Affecting Future American Healthcare & Food Policy

Dr. Amy Meyers, Amy Kubal, Dallas Hartwig, Keith Norris, Dr. Lane Sebring, Robb Wolf, and Dr. Jack Kruse discuss Longevity vs. Optimization and how to address a Paleo diet for each goal

Keith Norris, Dean Dwyer, Abel Bascom, Mark Sisson, and Dr. Jack Kruse cover the Future of Paleo

Mark Sisson gives a captivating presentation on making choices and identifying how to make the best choices for you... n=1 with a Paleo lifestyle

James OPT Fitzgerald covers assessing when and how to go overhead with weight... a fantastic presentation for coaches!

The swag that I won on the Paleo F(x)  Facebook competition!  Heck yeah!  And now 2/3 of them are signed by the wonderful authors!
What a GREAT and very long day!  My brain was overflowing and there was still one more whole day to go!


  1. wow - that's one great looking bedspread in the last picture!

  2. I thought so, too. Hence my using it as a backdrop for the photo! And it's comfy, too!