Paleo F(x) - Day 3

Friday morning came awfully early, but I was excited about all the information the day had in store.  Before I get to my Paleo F(x) photo summary, you're stuck with a gratuitous baby picture!

Olive helps her father with a little tune... or maybe she was making him stop?

And now... another full day of Paleo F(x):

Dr. Jack Kruse, Dean Dwyer, Dr. Ron Rosedale, Nora Gedgaudas, Jimmy Moore, Dallas Hartwig, Dr. Emily Deans, Dr. David Pendergrass, Keith Norris, Dr. Lane Sebring, and Paul Jaminet sit for an open panel of "Ask The Paleo Experts" 

A fascinating Dr. David Pendergrass leads the crowd in a "Paleo People" sing-along before explaining his Smartest Loser Program and Case Study results

Nora Gedgaudas gives an enlightening presentation "From Carbavore to Carnivore" with a few illustrative explanations of the difference between how we burn carbs vs. how we burn fat and protein... probably another one my favorite presentations 

My Paleo cooking and blogging hero, Michelle Tam of nomnompaleo.com, prepares mayonnaise on the spot to use with her Crab Tamaki

Really wanted to gobble this up before it got whisked away for professional pictures

Chris Kresser discussed the myths around cholesterol - if you ever get an opportunity to hear him speak on this topic, go.  It is extremely informative and will certainly start to shift your old paradigm around cholesterol numbers

The super adorable couple of The Food Lover's Primal Palate, Bill Staley and Hayley Mason, prepare fajitas - the food smelled fantastic!

Julie and Charles Mayfield, Michelle Tam, Melissa Joulwan, Michelle Norris, and Bill Staley and Hayley Mason discuss cookbooks, food blogs, bear hunting, and just plain silliness during the Virtual Foodies Mastermind.  I believe there were even a few gratuitous middle fingers thrown around.

Erwan LeCorre fields questions about MovNat

I love doctors that really get "it"... that understand not everyone wants to be medicated... that understand that there really is more we can do for our bodies to be and stay healthy.  Dr. Lane Sebring is one of those doctors and I hope his intelligence and passion for doing right by his patients spreads among the medical community.  I only wish I was closer to his practice.

Nora Gedgaudas, Dan Pardi, Mark Sisson, Dr. Emily Deans, Dr. Shilpi Mehta, Roger Dickerman, and Dr. David Pendergrass discuss the Psychology of Change involved with a transition to a Paleo lifestyle

After some Q&A and a few closing remarks from the PaleoF(x) team, the first ever PaleoF(x) came to a close.  I can't begin to explain how incredible the experience was, how much I was able to learn and how much more of what I believed was confirmed, reconfirmed, and justified.  Some day soon I will actually put together a written summary and post it to the blog.  Unfortunately, there was a family emergency that required tending to immediately following the symposium and I haven't had much time since to compile thoughts.  For now - enjoy the pictures and please visit the links of the respective presenters.  Each and every one has so much to offer and can only help enhance your journey to and with a Paleo life.

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