Whole30 - Only 3 Days Left!

So here we are... Day 27.  It really seemed to go by quickly for me.  I'm inclined to believe that Matt will disagree.  He admitted this morning that he's sick of eggs.  27 days of eggs for breakfast can wear on a guy that is used to oatmeal or a bowl of Raisin Bran.  I'm excited to be close to the end - but there's a little hitch in my planned science experiment:

I leave for Austin, Texas next week.  I am eagerly anticipating the PaleoF(x) Symposium and getting to meet my little "niece" Olive.  I'm also tempted to hork down a pint of Amy's Ice Cream, but won't.  Anyway, while I'm gone - I will completely miss out on Matt integrating one allergenic food at a time back into his daily diet.  And that's the part I am most looking forward to.  Yes, I'm a food sadist.  Leave me alone.  But here's the awesome part... listen up, everyone... My husband has kindly agreed to extend his Whole30 out another week+ until I return home!  Is that love or what??  So his first glass of milk, bowl of cereal, grilled cheese sandwich, and granola bar will be long after the 30 days.  I'll keep y'all posted on the details.  (Note: we'll just start with a glass of milk and see how that goes)


In celebration of our "official" last week of our Whole30, I decided to go all out with the meals and really try to make a few special items... perhaps as a last ditch effort to convince Matt to stick with this Paleo thing even LONGER.  So instead of saving it all up for a post on Day 31, I'm generously sharing the first part of the week here and now.  On Day 27.  Buckle up and hang on - here we go...

Sunday we consumed leftovers, per usual.  Sauteed remaining fridge veggies and a few eggs.  I wasn't exceptionally hungry, so I waited to eat until I was finished running all my extensive errands (and watching the last day of the Underground Wellness Paleo Summit)  We both had a very late lunch which rolled into late lunch/early dinner and finished the spaghetti squash and meat sauce around 4:30 or 5.

Monday started the week of awesome.
For breakfast, I made another attempt at putting a better crisp on my jicama home fries (via Well Fed) and had my very first pastured egg.  Hello, Beautiful Egg!  Where have you been all my life?  The yolk... it is gorgeous.  The color is so rich and the eggs poached better than any other eggs I've attempted to poach.  Coincidence?  I'd like to think not.

Matt's breakfast meat for the week was beef fajitas made with flap meat and plenty of cumin, salt, garlic powder, chili powder, and pepper.  He started each day with a small serving of the beef, eggs, and a veggie stir fry that I prepared to help incorporate more veggies into his diet.

For lunch, Matt grabbed grilled chicken breast, carrots, an apple, and a banana.  Pretty much a consistent menu for the whole week.  I nibbled on an apple with unsweetened organic SunButter before heading up for a gnarly session of Fight Gone Bad at Murphy's Barbell Club.

I was extremely excited about dinner and couldn't wait to hobble my way back home and get started.  Monday's dinner?  Grilled swordfish lettuce wraps with shredded cabbage, homemade pico de gallo, and my homemade guacamole.  I found the perfect recipe for the swordfish and pico de gallo on Epicurious.com and have permanently added it to my recipe collection.  The fish was fabulous!


Matt indulged in his usual breakfast and lunch on Tuesday.  My first meal was leftover swordfish lettuce wraps around 2 in the afternoon.  Just as delicious as the night before - I love me some cold leftovers, even if it is fish!  I started preparing dinner around 9 am on Tuesday, as I took on an ambitious menu.  I made the Char Siu Pork and Egg Foo Yong (with Spicy Secret Sauce) from Well Fed and sauteed green beans and cabbage with the "Best Stir-Fry Sauce Ever".  Seriously, this book will get ANYONE through 30 days of Paleo eating and will keep them happy while they do it.  I pooched my batch of homemade mayonnaise, but it tasted just fine so I used it.  I wilted cabbage and diced chicken.  I marinated and basted pork.  And the final result... was worth every second.  I have a new favorite snack - Egg Foo Yong.  I've never had it before, so I don't know what other versions taste like.  But I don't really care because this version is DELICIOUS and with a nice slather of Spicy Secret Sauce, I am one happy little camper.

Wednesday was a busy day, so I spent most of my time in my car driving to and from L.A.  The lengths we ladies will go to for beauty.  (By the way, if you need a very talented hair colorist, contact me!)  Dinner was a plate full of Tuesday's leftovers.  Once again, I am a leftover fiend and I think most stuff tastes even better the second day - even my crummy mayonnaise kicked up with crushed chili peppers and a few other ingredients.

I started Thursday off hungry.  Box jumps, pull-ups, and overhead squats will have that effect on a gal.  I scrambled up ground beef, eggs and Penzey's crushed jalapenos and then wilted a pan of spinach and asparagus in coconut oil with a sprinkling of garlic powder.

For dinner, Matt and I tried bison steaks.  I also roasted a pan of asparagus in the oven.  I doused them with a little olive oil and balsamic vinegar and then tossed in some minced garlic, salt, and pepper.  We also split a yam since the box we have seems to have these giant oversized yams that are probably good for something like family-sized sweet potato pie... or a week's worth of sweet potato hash??  The meal was tasty, but not as great as some of the other showings earlier in the week.

And that brings us to Friday...
Around 3 in the afternoon, I had a few macadamia nuts and a can of tuna mixed with my mayonnaise and Penzey's Turkish Seasoning.  Very tasty.  Very not a good choice an hour before a workout.  A mile run, a five minute rest, and then "Isabel."  For those of you that don't know what "Isabel" is - you complete 30 snatches for time.  If you don't know what that means... well, don't Google it.  Head to CrossFit.com and search for it there first... please.

When I got home I completed 2 pull-ups every minute on the minute for 20 minutes using my little purple band.  I'm afraid if I don't "practice", I'll lose the progress I've made toward an unassisted dead hang.  Matt arrived around half-way through my sets and when I was finished - we came inside and reheated some leftover Char Siu Pork.  He finished the green beans.  I wilted more spinach.  And rounded off my plate with a yam half and another batch of Spicy Secret Sauce.

And now we're down to 3 days... Nothing too spectacular planned for the weekend.  Although I am planning on revisiting those Citrus Carnitas one more time.  Mmmm!

Three.  More.  Days.  

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