Today's post will be short and savory... savory because yesterday's barbacoa attempt came out so spectacular, I had to share!  I'm not sure what sparked the barbacoa craving and I certainly didn't want to drive all the way to Palmdale just to nab up one delicious serving from Chipotle... so I went to the trusty Google and did a search and it sent me to the most fabulous blog:

Paleo Spirit

I always love finding fellow Paleo lifestylers out in the blogosphere.  It means more stories, more support, and the best part - MORE RECIPES!

Lea at Paleo Spirit has an amazing collection of recipes accompanied by some equally amazing pictures.  But the one that I couldn't wait to try - Barbacoa Beef!  It came out so full of flavor, so deliciously spectacular... my trips to Chipotle will be even more diminished.  For the recipe - go visit Paleo Spirit.  Here's what came out of my kitchen last night:

I can't even describe the savory goodness that is adorning this plate.  My kitchen smelled so incredible for the entire afternoon, I had no doubt the final product was going to be a masterpiece.

Dinner!  Barbacoa beef topped with avocado, a small yam, and a scoop of Farmhouse Culture Smoked JalapeƱo Kraut.

And for breakfast this morning...?  Eggs with more barbacoa beef and diced avocado.  I'm hooked!

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