Be Prepared... Or the ChocoVine will haunt you

This past week I broke the cardinal rule of eating healthy - I wasn't prepared.  No grocery shopping.  No menu planning.  No meal prep.  Nothing.  And we all know what happens when we're not prepared...  we grab the easiest thing we can and eat that instead.  The joke is on me, though.  The only things in my entire kitchen that are "easy to grab" are the last few sheets of nori and some coconut chips.  That's what happens when Matt's Shelf is wiped clean of granola bars, oatmeal, and other sweet treats. 

The fridge has been slowly dwindling down from a beautiful bounty of stocked shelves and pre-cooked food to a few paltry leftovers, no veggies, and a lingering box of See's Candy from Christmas.  Oh, and that wretched bottle of ChocoVine.

See how sad?  It sorta makes me want to cry.  The bowls in the lower right are all breakfast and lunch foods for Matt... and they are almost EMPTY!

Green beans, two planks of cod, and coffee.  It's a sad sad day in the Rottman household.  What's a gal to do?  Pull out her copy of Well Fed, Make it Paleo, open up the NomNomPaleo recipe page and make a grocery list that puts all other grocery lists to shame.  And that is exactly what I did, much to my husband's and our credit card's dismay.  I threw my pile of reusable grocery bags and insulated containers into the car and made my way to the nearest town that has a nice assortment of health food stores - 45 minutes away.  Since I am eagerly awaiting my order from US Wellness Meats and we have 1/4 of a grass-fed cow coming our way at the end of the month... I tried to go light on the meat purchase.  Tried.


First stop:  Costco!  I loaded up my cart with the following:

* bag of oranges
* bag of avocados
* Brussels sprouts
* 2 jars of White Linen Marinara Sauce
* tub of baby spinach
* boneless, skinless chicken thighs
* boneless, skinless chicken tenderloins
* a tub of Kerry Gold Irish Butter, made from grass-fed cows (This was an exciting find for me!)
* organic ground beef... since we go through this so quickly, I didn't think it would impede on our upcoming delivery of meat
* baby carrots (We know they're good because Matt's company watered them!)
* apples
* eggs
* beef roast - because I am cooking up some serious barbacoa this weekend...  Stay tuned for pictures and recipe info!


Next stop:  Sprouts!  I hate buying my produce at The Food Hole (as my bestest friend and her husband like to call it)... so I thought I'd give Sprouts a try since it was within a two mile radius of everything else.  Into the cart I tossed:

* macadamia nuts (I also like to refer to these as "crack")
* a few bottles of G.T.'s Kombucha
* carrots - for making the Cumin Roasted Carrot recipe from Well Fed
* fresh oregano
* cauliflower
* cilantro
* red and green cabbage
* Italian parsley
* jalapeƱo peppers for the Well Fed Bora Bora Fireballs
* limes
* red and sweet onion

For some of this pile of healthy goodness, I have a plan.  For the rest - I am preparing myself.  When there is nothing else to eat, veggies are always easy to make and can be exceptionally tasty.


The final stop:  Whole Foods!

* prosciutto - for my attempt at a Meatza next week, topped with spinach and prosciutto.
* 2 dozen pastured eggs - I eat these every morning and prefer to use them when I make mayonnaise
* frozen broccoli - in case of hunger emergency, stir-fry broccoli!
* cans of albacore tuna
* package of roasted nori sheets - for my tuna and homemade mayo wrap addiction
* ground pork - for Matt's breakfast makin's
* pork chorizo - Paleo friendly!  I was super happy to stumble on this at the meat counter
* two bunches of kale chips... I know, I know.  It's just kale.  But when I see kale, I immediately associate it with roasted chips and watching The Sopranos.  That's Matt and my thing now.  It's like pizza and beer.  I mean it.  Don't judge me.

When I finally arrived back home, with only half of the macadamia nuts I started with, I immediately restocked my fridge and wrote out the meals for the coming the week.  I feel so much better with a full fridge and a plan in place.

Look at all the meat and veggies and eggs and goodness that is once again filling the shelves of my fridge!  Oh happy day!

The freezer is once again ready for last minute chicken meals with broccoli sides.  And since I can't see the See's Candy, it isn't there.  Right?  Right!

Point of today's story, my friends?  Have a plan.  Be prepared.  Keep your house well stocked with plenty of options to keep your face fed and your tummy and body healthy and happy.  Trust me - nori and coconut flakes do not make for a tasty lunch, nor a good pre-WOD meal.

Now get out there, enjoy the beautiful weekend weather, and make a plan to start May off right!


  1. i'm jealous of your fridge and freezer - sooo much good stuff!

    1. Thank you! So uh, interested in a bottle of ChocoVine? ;) I didn't think so.