Gettin' Earthy With It

"The LORD God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it."
Genesis 2:15

The sun and 100 degree heat have made their grand appearance up here in the Antelope Valley.  Since neither one has plans to depart for the next seven months or so... I figured it was finally time for me to get out in the yard and make nice with the earth.  I have nothing close to a green thumb.  In fact, I have mutant ninja thumbs as they were so kindly dubbed right around sixth grade.  Perhaps that is my disadvantage when it comes to making flowers grow... I certainly know it is a disadvantage for speed typing on my iPhone or any other device that requires thumb agility.

Regardless, with my ever increasing desire to know from where my food originates...  I realized that the closest I could possibly get to my food source is to be my own food source.  Awareness doesn't get much better than that.  I will admit that I don't want to get SO wrapped around the source of my soil, my seeds, and the maintenance that the garden is no longer fun but instead becomes an overwhelming tidal wave of organic gardening do's and don'ts.  That would suck.  I would hate it.  And the garden would fall to the wayside, just like my piles of dirty workout clothes.

All that said... I present to you the beginnings of Neener's Garden.  Much of the soil came from an unnamed nearby source... and if it is good enough for those organic baby carrots you're nibbling on at lunch, then it's good enough for my garden.  Matt and I have spent about three days to get to this point - with a few hours each day doing miscellaneous prep, materials gathering, and actual "gardening."

 Matt pieces together the treated wood to prepare the planter box.

 Volt oversees the operation to ensure the completed work is of the utmost quality.

The planter box is positioned over the former pond/planter/Volt's fox hole for afternoon naps.

Dirt is placed, arranged, mixed, jostled, tousled, and whatever else you do with dirt when you start a garden.

Here I am, meticulously poking my finger into some dirt.  Home grown kale chips, baby.  I can't wait!

And so it begins.  Hopefully we will be looking at a beautiful array of veggies after a few months of a whole lot of sunshine, water, and praying to the Master Gardener upstairs.

 I even set up a manual reminder to get out there and water, water, water!  (And kick the dogs out of what may be confused as their own personal salad bar)

My mutant green(ish) thumbs were so excited to be covered in dirt, I kept on going and planted some flowers around our persimmon tree.  I love this Fireball Gerbera Daisy. 

There will be no doggie jackassery taking place in this yard.  Volt is protective of his persimmon tree and the new flora surrounding it. 

And so, dear friends, that is how we spent our Earth Day weekend.  Sorta productive, kinda green, and really earthy.

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