In My Freezer...

Did you see what was in my fridge yet?  Check it out HERE!

Today we'll take a peek in my freezer...

Top shelf (L to R): Lots of coffee... LOTS of coffee - talk to Matt.  It's all his, frozen homemade guacamole, broccoli florets

Bottom shelf (L to R): Bacon is hidden in the back - no it is not Whole30 friendly, ground beef, frozen green beans, chicken tenders, chicken thighs... and way under there is a baggie of frozen shrimp

I've found this combination to be the handiest for our household.  The beef is a staple for breakfasts or last minute dinners.  The chicken is quick to defrost and easy for lunches or tossing on a salad or using in other recipes.  Veggies are always easy to toss in with the beef, chicken, shrimp or any other meat, an assortment of spices, a few splashes of coconut aminos and violĂ !  Instant stir-fry!

Up on the docket for tomorrow... my spice cabinet!

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