In My Fridge...

The next few days of posts will be a peek inside my refrigerator, freezer, cabinets, and on my counter...  The point of this is to help some of you that may be just starting Paleo and are unsure of what you want in your fridge or even for those of you that may have been eating plenty of meat and veggies for awhile but are looking for some new ideas.

The current status of my kitchen has been a two and a half year evolution (Happy Two and Half Year Anniversary, Matt... My Sweetpea!).  The biggest of changes transpired within the past nine months or so and came to a beautiful peak when Matt joined me on our Wedded Bliss Whole30.  Actually, it is more like an on-going peak... because the last little bits of icky are making their way out and are being replaced by good stuff that won't make us sick.

Let the journey begin....
First up - The Fridge!

Top Shelf (L to R): Pastured eggs, Trader Joe's pre-peeled garlic pouches - super handy for lazy chef-wannabes like me, defrosting ground beef, defrosting pork shoulder, leftover meat sauce for miscellaneous use throughout the week

Second Shelf (L to R): Organic eggs from Costco, grilled chicken thighs to be used for upcoming recipes, leftover grilled skirt steak, browned and seasoned ground pork/beef

In the drawer: Yeah, those are Costco bacon bits.  Those hid away in the freezer during the Whole30, but have since made their way back into the rotation for Matt's salads.  I like to pretend like they aren't there.

Bottom Shelf (L to R): PUR filtered water, snack packs of baby carrots - beautifully watered by Rottman Drilling Company out here in California, giant Costco tub of organic spinach, a spillover baggie of giant Costco tub of organic spinach, bowl of mixed salad, precut kale pieces from Trader Joe's, organic California strawberries that were also watered by Rottman Drilling, grilled chicken tenders for Matt's lunches

Bottom Left Drawer: English cucumber, Brussels sprouts, head of cabbage, cut up red and white onion

Bottom Right Drawer: Flat leaf parsley, asparagus, scallions

This is a pretty typical set-up for our house.  We'll have eggs and a combination of meat and veggies for breakfast - this week, we're using up the browned pork/sausage mix with the Italian seasoning from Well Fed.  The pastured eggs are mine.  Matt is cool with the Costco 18 pack.  I usually have some type of meat defrosting for the following day's meal - clearly I will be making Melissa Joulwan's carnitas for dinner and I wish I could invite you all over to sample them - but instead, go buy the book already!  The chicken and miscellaneous vegetables leave open tons of opportunity.  This week, I'm planning to make chicken salad from The Food Lovers' Make it Paleo and Egg Foo Yong from Well Fed.  To fill in any other gaps:  there's leftover grilled fajitas, more grilled chicken, and a huge array of veggies that I can toss in a pan or in the oven and we're all set.  I'm never without a quick go-to for breakfast, lunch, or dinner!

The topmost three shelves are out of commission and everything stashed away there wasn't touched during our Whole30.  I'm in the habit of not even looking at them, so unless Matt starts sneaking mouthfuls of Reddi-Whip when I'm not looking - these exact bottles and jars may still be in the exact same spot for our tenth anniversary.

Second shelf from the bottm (L to R): Organic unsweetened SunButter, jalapeno mustard, coconut aminos, Thai chili sauce, lime juice, lemon juice, and more lemon juice

Bottom shelf (L to R): Coconut water, prunes, organic unsweetened applesauce, chicken stock, Synergy Kombucha - which I am now completely hooked on, coconut water kefir, and even MORE lime and lemon juice

Tomorrow's update:  The Freezer!

PS - That gnarly bottle of ChocoVine that's hidden behind the spinach and the salad - is I don't know how old and has never been opened.  I'm scared of it.  Not sure why I bought it and it is currently up for grabs.  So any of you that might want it - I'll send it you.  Gratis.  Umm... assuming you're located within the legal alcohol shipping boundaries of my house.  Okay, let me rephrase that - local residents need only apply and I'll just hand deliver it.  Please.  Get it out of my fridge.  And thank you.