In My Spice Cabinet...

The UPS man stopped by yesterday.  He was delivering Christmas to my kitchen.

So today's post is a SUPER bonus post of all the exciting glory that my spice cabinet now beholds!

Probably one of my most favorite things about making changes in my diet is my new appreciation for all the possible spices I can possibly stuff into a small cabinet.  I am always reading through the catalog and discovering some new spice or seasoning combination that I can't wait to try in the following week's menu.  I won't go through the entire list of what is contained within - but I will outline my basic staples that get used in almost everything I make in a skillet or on the grill:

* kosher salt
* fresh ground pepper - I LOVE the Kirkland Pepper Mill!
* Penzeys Chili Powder - regular
* garlic powder (not salt!)


These few items I have found very useful for when I make scrambled eggs, homemade beef jerky, or am looking to change up the above grilling flavors:

* cumin
* Penzeys Turkish Seasoning
* Penzeys Ground Red Chipotle

And what was Christmas in a box, you ask?  Well here ya go:

* Crushed California JalapeƱo Peppers - AMAZING in eggs or mixed with avocado on top of eggs or pork or anything for that matter
* Chili 9000 - I don't know yet, but the blend sounds delicious... so I decided to give it a shot
* Fox Point - I fell in love with the description in the catalog.  Upon sampling, I could sit down and eat that entire jar with a spoon.  Can't wait to try this one mixed with tuna and homemade mayonnaise.
* Bangkok Blend - The blend includes ancho chili, galangal, lemongrass, and a few more tasties...  I couldn't go wrong.
* Ceylon Cinnamon - I use this in some of my Asian inspired meals
* Italian Herb Mix - delicious when mixed with extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar on salad and a critical component in the Well Fed "Italian Seasoning" recipe that I use every week to make breakfast sausage

A few tips for your adventures in stocking your spice cabinet - read the blends carefully.  Even with spices we have to be mindful of the ingredients... look for the ones that do not contain sugar.  I, personally, prefer to avoid anything with anticaking agents.  If you are sensitive to your salt consumption, Penzeys does an excellent job of labeling their Salt-Free Products and they have a great selection.  Don't be afraid to try new spices, new flavors, and create your own blends.  Have fun and enjoy!

Tomorrow - the pantry and the counter top!
See all these spices put to good use on the food in my fridge and freezer!

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