It's easy to be motivated when the weather is nice...

Another beautiful day in the Antelope Valley?  The world must be coming to an end!  I kid.  Sorta.  Arrival of the rapture or not, it is hard to not get outside and be productive when the weather is so "spoil you rotten" beautiful.  Sunshine, no wind, gentle breeze, and pale ghostly legs just screamin' for a shot of Vitamin D... all mean three glorious days outdoors.

Friday was spent in the yard.  More planting.  More garden tending.  My husband, who spends much of his time in the "ag patch", insisted on laying a drip line through the veggie garden.  He uses it effectively for all our trees and flowers, so why not treat the veggies to a set watering schedule?  Drip line set?  Check. 

Crazy amounts of drip line.  I turned the timers off for now, at least until something sprouts up from the ground.  There is some small level of therapy that comes from standing in the morning sunshine and watering everything by hand.

I was even motivated enough to finally re-pot the plants that had been crowding my kitchen windowsill.  While I was doubling the available space for my Gerbera daisy, Matt was planting jasmine along the pillars of the pergola.

On Saturday, Matt was off learning CPR and First Aid and I took some time to train Volt how to heel on a leash and not dislocate my shoulder every time we go for a w-a-l-k.  

Matt was finished with class a good six hours earlier than either of us anticipated... so that meant lunch out with the hubby and an afternoon at Lowe's picking out even more plants.

We decided to try Jackie's Cafe in Lancaster.  I was sort of wishing I hadn't eaten a gargantuan breakfast of scrambled pastured eggs and leftover barbacoa beef because the breakfast menu is AWESOME!  I settled for the avocado salad with grilled chicken.  It was quite tasty.  I won't share what Matt had.  Let's just say there was plenty of lettuce, a bit of meat, and it had a crispy tortilla shell bowl.  That is all.

After lunch we hurried home to get back out in the yard and introduce Washington to the rest of the backyard trees.  Blog reading friends... Meet Washington, our new cherry tree!

The yard was at a perfect stopping point for the evening, so I scurried inside and made the chimichurri sauce from ... do you even need to ask ... Well Fed!  I finally found a reason to crack open my sample bottle from Kasandrinos Imports that I received at Paleo F(x).  I have no idea how to describe olive oil, so I'll just tell you - this stuff is good! 

While I was making the chimichurri, Matt prepared a super amazing surf and turf dinner.

Filet medium-rare.  Baked lobster tail with grass-fed butter, lemon juice, and paprika.  Wilted spinach with garlic and olive oil.  And a nice heaping spoonful of chimichurri.  All peacefully enjoyed in our blooming backyard sanctuary.

Well, it was almost peaceful.

Sunday was yet another perfect weather day.  The dogs got a bath.  A walk.  And I got half way through all the nutrition, IF, and chronic illness articles piling up on my Kindle.  It was a pleasant ending to an extremely pleasant weekend.  Monday we're back to the grind and I'm back in the kitchen trying out more new recipes.  Busy week ahead!

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