My First Bout With Garden Vermin

I always like starting new projects because it tends to fill me with a temporary sense of purpose...  My garden has become my new "toy" and I look forward to waking up every morning just to go take a peek and see if anything is happening yet.  I know that it's absurd to even think there will be anything to look at so soon, but even staring at the damp dirt brings me a teeny sense of pride.  "I did that!" 

On Day 3 of "Garden Watch 2012", I discovered a very disturbing development - VERMIN HAD ATTACKED MY ZUCCHINI! 

And the culprits were still in the yard!

After a mild amount of weeping and gnashing of teeth, I made a small adjustment and renamed the garden "Border Town".  Groan all you want. 

With the sun brightly shining, the garden secure, and the dogs safely sleeping on the couch in the air-conditioned living room... I decided to tackle a craft project that caught my eye on a random garden Google search.  The idea of painting weather-proof rocks for plant labels was fantastic.  I gathered up all the necessary supplies, including a pile of rocks from the old pond...

I then proceeded to tap into my inner 8th grade art class self and let the creative juices flow.  Mr. Roger would be so proud.

If none of my seeds should sprout and all of my plants happen to wilt over, at least the dirt will look pretty with all my painted rocks.  And if that happens, I will pick up my rake and turn it into one of those therapeutic Japanese rock gardens.  The dogs can't ruin rocks... I hope.

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