Some Fresh Air and a Little Outdoor Therapy

Good news or bad news... high stress situations or feeling chillaxed... sometimes the best thing to do is get outside, get some fresh air, and enjoy the moment.  My dogs don't ever mind the opportunity to chase after little desert creatures either.

Beautiful sunshine-y day on Lancaster Boulevard...

Miss Ellie taking some time to people watch... and growl at the folks of which she wasn't too particularly fond...

Going for a rabbit chase out in the desert... if you have a spectacularly keen eye, you'll spot my dog amidst the sage and the dirt.  Hint: look for the periscope tail.

Volt takes a few minutes to recover after scaring the bejeezus out of a rabbit or two...

After a very relaxing mile walk (for me and closer to a three mile zig-zagging loop-d-loop sprint for the pups), it was time to head back home.  I promise that is Volt's tail and not the Grinch's finger attached to his back side.

Even when she's running free in the desert, Miss Ellie comes bolting toward the car when she hears "Let's go for a ride!"

Tongues fully unfurled = successful day of sniffing out ground squirrels and chasing rabbits!

Outdoor therapy was a success... It easily took my head away from the current mind boggles and otherwise general "blech" going on in life right now.  A lot of deep breathing, a little bit of running, beautiful skies, and plenty of laughter at my goofball dogs and I was instantly renewed for the rest of the day.  Get outside today and enjoy your surroundings - a little Vitamin D does the body good.

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