Stop And Smell the Irises...

90 degrees, sunny, dry, and gorgeous in the High Desert on Friday... and since my only focus for the day was to accomplish something, I set out to just be aware of everything around me and live the day full of joy.  I now present to you... tidings of comfort and joy...

I started the day listening to voicemail and checking e-mail.  My bestest friend in the whole world, who loves her Wheat Thins and pineapple, was inspired by my julienne peeler post and made zucchini spaghetti for dinner this week!  I was thrilled to receive a very enthusiastic "thank you" phone call from her and her husband.  She also shared her pictures with me quoting "not blog worthy."  I just proved her wrong. 

When I walked out the front door for the day, I was greeted by a fully blooming garden:

I was on my way to meet my husband for our bi-weekly "hubby and wife tea time":

After refreshing beverages, Matt left to head way far out east for boring ol' work stuff and I went to Costco to pick up my contribution for the Friday night Paleo BBQ at Murphy's Barbell Club:

After I loaded the pallet of Sam Adams into the back of my vehicle, I headed over to Sears Veterinary Hospital to get some paperwork completed for Volt.  My little boy is testing to be a part of Therapy Dogs, Incorporated!  I'm excited and hope he will qualify to bring as much joy and happiness to the hospitalized, special needs, and elderly as he does to me and Matt.  Here's the resident meow-meow manning the desk at the vet:

Then I set off to Goodwill to drop off a giant donation of books, clothing, and glassware.  Hooray for charitable donations (and tax write-offs):

Stopped on The BLVD for a little fuel at The Brooklyn Deli:

Then back home to water seal the redwood boards that will soon become the veggie garden in my backyard.  This former pond doesn't currently bring me joy... but my new garden will once it is finished:

After the wood was set to dry, I threw on my limited edition NomNomPaleo WOD socks and Matt and I headed up to Murphy's Barbell Club for some high volume heavy lifting - deadlifts and box squats!  Once our posterior chains were sufficiently screaming - it was time to chow!  Coach Bob and his wife Kerry kindly hosted a post-WOD Paleo BBQ.  I was too hungry to stop and take pictures... needless to say, I devoured a (few) very hearty helping(s) of delicious pulled pork, fruit salad, and salad greens.  We were even treated to entertainment while we ate.  This is a picture of Whitney, one of the most bad-ass CrossFitters I know, busting out a few free-standing handstand push-ups.  A little jealous?  Oh yeah!

It was a pretty fantastic Friday and I'm happy to say I actually accomplished quite a few somethings.  Maybe one day, I can add handstand push-ups to that list.

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