We finished our Whole30... like 30 something days ago

On February 12, 2012, the Whole30 invaded the Rottman household.  It wiped out the pantry and took over the refrigerator.  It cleaned off the counters and took control of Matt's and my weekly grocery list.  Life was about to get a whole lot different in our sleepy, dusty, isolated, windy little town of Rosamond, California.  I have been eating Paleo off and on since the winter of 2009, getting progressively pickier as time goes by.  It wasn't until January of this year that I went full on nit pick ingredient obsessive Whole30... it was a long time coming and it needed to be done.

After starting Paleo, I'd shift back and forth in my head between my current eating habits and old diet plans... attempting to convince myself that a few slips are okay because calories in < calories out.  Or the snacks I kept depending on throughout the day were totally necessary to keep my metabolic fire burning.  But deep down, I knew better and I knew it was time to straighten up my act.  If I ever wanted the people around me to take me seriously and believe what Paleo can do as strongly as I believed in it - I'd have to lead by example.

January 1 to January 29 - Whole30-Take 1 went down.  I did very well.  I learned the limits.  I got creative with food.  For the full very very short story - and why my Whole30 was really only a Whole 29½, click here.  Then one gluttonous Super Bowl Sunday (for some, not for me) - my husband inquired about my upcoming Whole30-Take 2.  And soon after, we began our Wedded Bliss Whole30.  Feel free to read my blog posts from February 20 - March 11... as they capture our eating adventure through the course of the program.

I was looking forward to taking our Day 31 picture with our Sharpie laden 8½ x 11 pieces of paper and joining the Whole30 Wrap Party... Our Whole30 ended on Monday evening, March 12.  Our successes were carefully sketched out and ready to go for our Tuesday morning amateur photo op (aka: the point and shoot skillfully balanced on the mantle with the auto-timer set)... Until I awoke Tuesday morning to the news about my grandmother.  Tuesday I was scheduled to fly out to Austin, Texas.  We had already agreed to maintain our Whole30 habits until I returned home the following week from the PaleoF(x) Symposium.  Piece of ca...steak.  We both did keep up our Whole30 habits until the following week... when Matt instead joined me in Massachusetts to say good-bye to Baba.  Needless to say there was no Tuesday morning picture.  No Wrap Party.  Our Sharpie success notes got shuffled to the corner of the kitchen table.  Buried under piles of mail, flight info, travel receipts, and the rest of life taking over...

So instead of my big photo debut on the Whole9 website - I will lay it all out for you here.  These are some of the wonderful benefits that transpired in the Rottman household during our Whole30:

1) Matt discovered he liked kale and kabocha squash and tried a whole new slew of veggies
2) Matt lost 10 pounds
3) I lost two pant sizes (more like a size and a half, much of the work was started during Take 1)
4) Matt and I spent a lot more time together - planning meals, cooking together, and sitting at the table enjoying our dinners over engaging conversation
5) Matt stopped snoring... which made for a very happy and well-rested wife
6) I had more energy in the gym and saw some very satisfying gains with my heavy lifts (perhaps it was the improved quality of sleep?)
7) My brain fog cleared and I felt more motivated and mentally focused on personal projects
8) To this day, our kitchen continues to transform... the Dania shelf and Matt shelf have now evolved into a united healthy pantry.  All that remains is a sad stale box of cereal that hasn't been touched in over two months.  I'm not really sure why it hasn't been thrown away.  Any takers?  I'll throw in my unexplained and unopened bottle of refrigerated ChocoVine for free!

8) As I had hoped would happen, Matt has continued to eat ~90% Paleo throughout the week... because he is a rock star stud.
9) My most favorite part of all: after watching my first Whole30, participating in his own Whole30, and listening to me rant on endlessly about the Underground Wellness Paleo Summit and my experience at Paleo F(x)... Matt is truly starting to see that food is no longer calories in/calories out.  There is a new level of awareness that what we eat (and don't eat) has a more complex impact on our health and long term wellness.  To Matt, I am no longer the crazy wife that wants to know from which farm my pastured eggs originated... Now I'm just the crazy wife that cares about our Vitamin D levels and avoiding the unnecessary hormones and chemicals that we would be consuming otherwise.  It's comforting to know that my sweet husband finally "gets me."  Well, at least to some percentage... 55%...ish?

Here's the only picture I have of us together after we finished our Wedded Bliss Whole30.  This was taken on Thursday March 22.  As we continue forth with our unified changed eating habits and a cleaner house (at least in terms of food and eating), there will be plenty more "after" pictures.  Like I said in my very first Kaizen Neener post, the journey doesn't stop and we are continuously evolving through "after" moments in time... so as the point and shoot makes its way back onto the mantle and Matt and I stuff our faces throughout the summer with all our friends at Paleo BBQ's... I'm sure there will be plenty of Life After The Whole30 pictures and stories to share.

Curious to see what a Whole30 can do for your marriage?  Nothing says "happily ever after" like a night on the couch with Netflixed Sopranos and a giant plate of kale chips.  And the worst that could possibly happen?  You just might lose something... like ten pounds. 


  1. came over from the Whole30 forum - inspiring :) i wish i could convince my husband to do a whole30!

    1. Thanks for visiting! It took a loooooong time before Matt was even on board with cutting out grains and sugar - the Whole30 was another story. Do what is best for YOU... keep up your own Whole30. Plan another one later in the year and maybe he'll be more willing to join you? Keep the food flavorful and interesting so he can't get bored. I cooked a LOT to ensure Matt had the right foods available to eat and they were varied and tasty. I couldn't control what he ate when he left the house, but I knew his breakfasts, packed lunches, and dinners were all compliant. I took comfort (and encouragement) through that. Leading by example is really one of the best ways to get the hubby on board. Good luck to you both!

  2. My husband and I are on day 9 of our Wedded Bliss Whole 30. After numerous attempts to get him on board with SOMETHING, ANYTHING to improve his eating habits, this was his idea. He told me about it 11 days ago, I looked it up on line, bought the book and we started 2 days later. Cleaned out the fridge, cabinets and went grocery shopping. No turning back. It's been awesome. I love that I am cooking more, trying new recipes again and we are eating together-at the table-not in front of the TV. Oh, and the sleeping? Wow. I can't remember the last time either of us has slept SO soundly! Amazing. Looking forward to the next 21 days and more!

    1. Isn't being healthy so much easier when we share the experience with the ones we love? Colleen, it sounds like you and your husband are off to a FANTASTIC start. Please stop by again and let me know about your progress. Sound sleep is definitely my favorite perk!