What the fudge?

Good Friday greetings, everyone!  What better way to celebrate Good Friday than going to drop off a pint of blood at my local American Red Cross?  It felt it quite appropriate, actually.  Since my appointment was at 1 in the afternoon, I had some time to spend with Matt at one of our local favorite coffee/tea places - The Bandstand on Lancaster Boulevard... aka The BLVD.  I ordered a shot of espresso... I was feeling a little wild.

Matt had his standard issue coffee... black, no cream.  I love him.  After much chatting and husband and wife QT, he left for work and I ran up to Bex to load up on iron and protein in preparation of my upcoming donation.

Tri-tip, no sauce and steamed broccoli.  I wouldn't recommend a whole lot of other things at Bex, but when it comes to the best options for eating Paleo on The BLVD, Bex has a menu appropriate for a caveman (or cavegal)... I really wanted to order the 16 oz portion of medium rare moist and delicious tri-tip.  Instead, I opted to avoid looking (too) obnoxious, especially since I was dining alone.  I downed a bunch of water and then made my way to the Palmdale Red Cross.

Here's where my dilemma starts... I have been working really hard at planning on having food available for when there's a situation that REQUIRES food (aka: not passing out after donating blood), but I know there won't be any good options available:

Once upon a time - I would've been all over those Cheez-Its.  It's hard to not want a baggie after donating... For years, that was my post blood-giving goodie.  Cheez-Its and a package of Grandmother's Cookies.  But I know what is best for me and I avoided the pile of crap and snatched up the only good offering they had: agua!  Then I began to nosh on my own prepared snackies, much to the dismay and odd looks from those around me:

That's right!  An apple and some coconut flakes.  After doing something good for perfect strangers, the only logical thing to do is do something good for myself - and replenish naturally with whole foods.  I was baffled by the following offering and couldn't help but stare at the guy across from me consuming this exact bar, just moments after I snapped the picture:

I immediately texted the picture to Coach Bob at Murphy's Barbell Club.  His response?

"What the Fudge?"


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