Bone broth and my first time with a pressure cooker

I have been eagerly anticipating the day that I finally get to use my brand new pressure cooker and finally, Mother's Day Sunday was my inaugural making of pressure cooked food!

Since I have great confidence in the recipes over at NomNomPaleo.com, there was not an ounce of concern as I approached my very first batch of bone broth.  For more on why bone broth is SO awesome and SO awesome for you - read this post by Diane Sanfillipo at Balanced Bites.  She had me at "reducing the appearance of cellulite."

I gathered my ingredients accordingly, subbing salt for fish sauce, and put everything into the pressure cooker.

Since this was my first time using a pressure cooker, I read and reread the instruction manual.  I read and reread the recipe.  And I forged ahead, trying to be unafraid of the pressure cooker.  With the lid sealed (then removed and resealed just to be sure), I turned the stove on high and let my bone broth take its course.  Once there was a steady stream of steam and the pressure was up, I lowered the heat on the stove and waited.

I sat in the other room for 50 minutes while my kitchen made pressure cooking noises.  I avoided any potential mishaps and walked around the outskirts of the kitchen when I had to pass through to get something from the refrigerator.  I even shut the patio door to avoid the possibility of splattered bone broth catapulting into my dogs' faces while they waited at the screen sniffing all the delectables cooking in my kitchen that morning.

When time was up, I scurried up to the stove and turned the heat completely off.  Then I let the pot sit for about twenty minutes to let the pressure release.  I carefully turned the steam release to a more open position and let the rest of the pressure come off the pot.  Once I was certain the dogs' noses, I, and the rest of the kitchen were all safe - I opened the lid.  I scraped out the 'goo' that had accumulated across the top of the broth and then strained the rest of the ingredients into a container. 

I separated the broth into smaller containers - some for freezing (uh oh!  There's no room!) and the rest for sipping on the way home from strength cycle heavy days at Murphy's Barbell Club

I have to be honest... I have never tasted a broth so rich, so golden, and so flavorful.  It is DELICIOUS!  And easy.  And didn't entail 3rd degree burns.  The effort was minimal and the payout beyond worth it.  Hooray, new toy!

Next up - Pressure Cooked Romanian Cabbage!

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