Everyone Else is Doing It...

My diet and activity have never fully recovered after my trip back East in March.  And I've had this crappy mindset that "I'll get back" for quite a while... but my intentions never really made it to action.  Last week, I received two separate e-mails from two separate friends at opposite ends of the country...

"We're thinking about doing a Whole30 in June"

I was so excited to read that!  And then within a day, the next message showed up...

"Okay, you got me... Starting my first Whole30 June 1..."

Alright.  Alright.  If the bloat, aching joints, restless sleep, and heartburn aren't enough - the support of knowing two good friends are about to venture into the exciting world of 30 days of strict Paleo IS enough to push me back to the ways of right.

Thank you, ladies.  You know who you are.

The rules of engagement can be found HERE.  In addition to my friends, there is an INCREDIBLE worldwide support group at forum.whole9life.com.  Not sure if that cookie you're about to eat is Whole30 approved?  Check the forum.  But I can tell you right now - it is NOT.

My first week menu is planned.  My new gadgets and ingredients are ordered.  And as of tomorrow I will be embarking once again on 30 days (actually, I want to extend this out a little longer... my relationship with food needs an adjustment once again) of healthy living.  Back in the kitchen.  Back to Murphy's.

Matt will not be taking on the Whole30 with me, but has promised his support during the meals we are eating together.  And I must say - he still hasn't eaten cereal or sandwiches at home or in his lunch since before our Wedded Bliss Whole30 in February.

So prepare - as the next 30 days of posts will be more food ideas.  More pictures.  More recipes and recipe links.  And probably some venting as I once again go through withdrawal from Jelly Belly jelly beans and Ben & Jerry's Mint Cookie ice cream.

Feel free to join in.  Join the conversation.  Drop off some ideas and tips.  Or even share the struggles you might be encountering.

Here we go...

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