Exciting discoveries to brighten your day!

The past 24 hours have just been chock full of all kinds of exciting discoveries... and since they seemed to make my day, I thought I'd share them and hopefully brighten up your day.

Discovery #1 - My very own sweat angel.  I was just happy to see that I moved my body enough to break a sweat.  2500 meters of rowing, 50 dumbbell thrusters, and 150 sit-ups worth of movement.  I thought it was a good start to the day.

Discovery #2 - The Backyard Steak Salad at Tender Greens.  Okay, so it wasn't really a new discovery.  But I was excited to see it in front of my face for the first time in like a month.  Because it is meat and vegetables and it is tangy and good.

Discovery #3 - hellomellow!  Oh sweet creamy scented body buttery goodness!  My friend, Brenda, and I were out and about for the afternoon and we decided to stop into a small little shop in Culver City to check out this fabulous line of body butters, oils, and scented sprays.  I must have made my way through the samples at least 15 times.  Not only are the products homemade in that exact cute little facility, but the owner is a massage therapist and knows good product.  Tracy was patient as Brenda and I accosted every possible sample available and stood indecisive with tubs of body butter in one hand, a tin of neutralizing coffee beans in the other... and arms slathered with silky smooth body oil on every exposed square inch of skin.  I cannot say enough wonderful things about this line of product.  I walked away credit card relatively unscathed... a Revitalize energy shifting spray, a Balance body butter, and an Empower body oil.  Brenda, on the other hand, walked out with half of the store.  It was hard not to.  And listen up pregnant mommies and new mommies - check out Tracy's line of Preggo and Kiddo, specially made for sensitive mommy and baby skin.  Who can pass up a product called "Boobie Butter"??  All the products are made from natural ingredients - no yucky additives or chemicals.  And she's LOCAL!!  I love supporting local businesses!  Best part?  Online ordering.  This was one of my most favorite discoveries, for sure.

Discovery #4 - New massage techniques.  No photo.  That's just creepy.  You'll have to call and book an appointment with me to learn more.  What I can share with you is that my back isn't as old-lady crackly this morning.  It was nice to wake up and not grab the small of my back before rolling off the bed.  Just sayin'.

Discovery #5 - My mutant thumbs are turning green!  It was a glorious morning today when I conducted my morning garden inspection and found THESE:

My kale chips are on the move!  Grow little babies!  Momma's getting hungry!


Oh sweet little sprout of spinach... stay strong!  Just look at what you can aspire to be...

There's a hot skillet waiting for you just 20 feet away!

Needless to say, it's been a pretty good couple of days and I'm looking forward to what other exciting news presents itself today.  Volt and I are off for another round of Therapy Dogs, Inc. testing and then back home to make my attempt at the Bora Bora Fireball recipe from Well Fed.  I'll most definitely be reporting back with pictures.

What discoveries are YOU getting excited about today?

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