Freezer, Meet Meat!

What exciting things are you doing to start off the weekend?

Only a few hours in and my weekend is off to a full and active start... not quite CrossFit Games Regionals active, but active enough for me!  I started the morning adjusting the drip line in my garden.  Now that most everything has sprouted, I can depend on the automated drip to keep the roots and soil damp and cool.

Even our cherry tree, Washington, looks like it has grown a few inches since we planted it.

I then sat down in my kitchen and took a full inventory of the 1/3 of grass-fed moo that has now invaded my freezer.

Beef IS what's for dinner... and breakfast... and lunch... for like the next six months.  I'm pretty dang excited.  Thanks to Melissa at CrossFit Tehachapi for locating a local source of grass-fed beef, coordinating the purchase and the butchering, and even the delivery.  The best part is that the per pound price is much cheaper than what we pay at our local grocery store for regular grain-fed beef.  Hooray for healthy food at a discount!

Matt prepped tri-tip for Mother's Day brunch tomorrow.  He seasoned the meat with Penzeys Chili 9000, kosher salt, fresh ground black pepper, and minced garlic.  Matt insists that anything with "9000" in the name has to be good.  While he was working with the tri-tip, I started to pull together the ingredients for the bone broth that I will be making to break in my new pressure cooker.


And now the sun is shining.  The temperature is climbing.  And the yard is calling.  Hard to stay inside when things are so beautiful outside.  Get outdoors today and do something that makes you smile!

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