Memorial Day Weekend Whatnots

My husband just recently finished reading Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson.  I was happy to share in his new found enthusiasm for Apple, Inc. while he would read certain paragraphs and stories out loud.  And I would chuckle when Matt would make statements about how his reasons for not ever wanting to own a Mac have since disappeared with the development of cloud computing.  But when we get down to brass tacks - Matt is still a PC.  I am still a Mac.  So when I expressed my mild disgruntlement around the slowness of my computer... my husband delved into his new Apple love and tried to fix it.  Long story short - the computer has been out of commission and that is why I have been absent for the past week.  (My sweet aluminum bodied baby is still a work in progress as I type this)


Now that I'm back online, I have so many wonderful and not so wonderful things to share with you.  But I'll do my best to spread it out over the course of the week!  Buckle up and check back daily!

Memorial Day actually started on Sunday for us.  We nestled into the couch and loaded up the Blu-Ray with the first disc of Band of Brothers.  My initial reaction to Matt's mini-series marathon suggestion was "well that's not very uplifting"... which was immediately met by his "it isn't supposed to be uplifting.  It's Memorial Day."  Touché, Captain Rottman.  With bacon-wrapped hot dogs and an icy cold Kona Brewing Company Koko Brown, we ventured into the first six episodes of the experiences and emotions of Easy Company in the 101st Airborne during World War II.

The next morning, Matt started off Memorial Day Monday in cleaning mode.  He stripped the grill down, shook off the metal racks, and placed them into the oven.  He started the self-clean mode - hoping to clean not only our dirty oven, but the dirty grill racks as well.  Secretly, I feel he was trying to reenact a battle scene from Band of Brothers in our own house.  Within twenty minutes, every smoke alarm was squealing... the entire house was thick with stifling gray smoke... we were scrambling to open windows... throats and eyes burning... running for one or two gasps of clean fresh air in the far corners of the backyard.  While we waited for the oven to continue its cleaning magic and the house to stop looking like the aftermath at Bastogne - Matt scrubbed out the rest of the grill while I basked in the sun and the pups munched on grass.

Once the house returned to normal, the grill was clean and the grill racks were SPOTLESS, I ventured back into the kitchen and threw a mountain of ingredients into the slow cooker.  I'll post the recipe tomorrow - trust me, you won't want to miss it!  Then it was back onto the couch for the second round of Band of Brothers.

The Germans surrendered.  The war was over.  Major Richard Winters kept us on edge until the credits rolled.  I balled up my mountain of Kleenex and Matt and I went down to celebrate his mom's birthday over a delicious dinner at The Yard House... and a cupcake.  

All in all a good weekend.  I think next year we'll shake things up a bit and watch The Pacific instead.

Thank you to the servicemen and women that have paid the ultimate price so that we may continue to enjoy our freedom.

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