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***UPDATE: May 7, 2012***
The super fabulous Melissa Joulwan has most kindly donated TWO copies of Well Fed for this giveaway.  That means more chances of winning, but most importantly - MORE opportunity to partake of the mouth-wateringly scrumptious recipes!


Blog post after blog post after blog post, I have ranted endlessly about my untiring love for Melissa Joulwan of The Clothes Make The Girl's amazing cookbook Well Fed: Paleo Recipes for People Who Love to Eat.  Get ready... because here's one more!

I'll be honest... I like to collect cookbooks.  I have shelves upon shelves of cookbooks.  Some of which I excitedly bought only to prepare one or two recipes out of... others have been handed down, passed on, or just showed up on the shelf one day.  I don't care - I love them all.  I love the look of my personal library bedecking the wall of my kitchen.

Enter Well Fed.  Forget the subtitle "Paleo Recipes For People Who Love to Eat"... because if I could change the subtitle it would be "Damn Good Food That Tastes Awesome Especially For Picky Eaters Who Don't Know What's Good For Them."  The recipes contained within are for everyone and just happen to also be Paleo.  I have perused, used, and abused this book until the pages have become spackled with little bits of ingredients from each respective recipe.

I started off slow... weaning my way into the book, not wanting to be too bold or daring.  "The Best Chicken You Will Ever Eat" - that sounds safe... and perhaps life changing.  For the first time in my life, I bought chicken thighs.  Thighs.  I ventured away from safe white breast meat I have consumed since my youth.  I gathered my ingredients and prepared the brine solution.  And as Melissa instructed, I "put the chicken in the salty spa."  Fast forward past the seasoning, past the grilling... right up to the part where I put the promised tasty chicken into my face hole.  I was sold.  This woman is a genius!  It WAS (very nearly close to) the best chicken I ever ate.  Right up until I made it again the following week.  Then THAT was the best chicken I ever ate.  Repeat.

Next came the Ginger-Lime Grilled Shrimp.  Fast.  Easy.  Delicious.  And stabbed onto a series of skewers with fresh vegetables?  Now THAT'S a good dinner!

My kitchen bravery grew stronger and bolder.  These recipes are so easy to make... the ingredients are simple and reappear throughout the book.  I can do this.  I can cook!  I added caraway seeds to my spice cabinet for the first time and prepared the Czech Meatballs.  Char Siu Pork?  Home run!  Meat and Spinach Muffins?  YES!  The sauces, the seasonings, the vegetable dishes?  I couldn't fail.  My husband was happy and I felt like Housewife MVP!

The list could go on... but I'll spare the details because I know you all want to hurry up and try to win your own copy.  Okay, okay - just a few more details.  Citrus Pork Carnitas?  Matt and I cannot get enough.  Our left overs are only left over from dinner for a few hours... and then we go back and eat the rest for dessert.  Crispy citrusy pork that melts in your mouth and fills your tummy with warm porky goodness?  Those little glands in the sides of my mouth are working overtime just thinking about how good this recipe is.

What put me over the top and inspired me to share "the Well(th)" were the Bora Bora Fireballs.  What culinary genius comes up with something so tropically amazing?  Melissa Joulwan.  That's who.  Pork.  Pineapple.  Jalapeños.  And toasted coconut.  Oh yes.  I made the balls about three times the size I was instructed to and added a little bit of cooking time.  When they were all ready, Matt and I devoured the juicy savory goodness alongside a batch of Cumin-Roasted Carrots.  Not the best pairing, but I'm not the kitchen whiz.  I just make what's in the refrigerator drawers.  The leftovers became breakfast... lunch... aaaand dinner the following day.  In fact, I made an entire second batch the next night just so the house would continue to be stocked with spicy, savory, coconutty pig.

A few more comments -

1) The book is 99.9% Whole30 approved.  All but one recipe is safe for those of you who are trekking along on your Whole30, thinking of attempting a Whole30, or who have just finished a Whole30 on a month of boring old baked chicken and broccoli.  There is one treat-like recipe and it is clearly labeled TREAT in the Fruits section of the cookbook.

2) The book is full of Melissa's delightful personal stories, a list of YES and NO foods, how to plan and prepare for the week in 60 minutes, how to stock your kitchen, and witty comments and suggestions for each and every recipe... read closely and enjoy.

3) I love this book.  Love it.  And Matt loves what comes out of the oven, grill, and sauté pan.  If you don't already have your own copy - now is your chance to WIN ONE!


Freebie time!  Enter to win your own personal copy of Well Fed by following all the instructions below.  Don't forget to leave a comment and be sure to SHARE this page with all of your friends! Contest ends at 12:01 am EST on Friday May 11, 2012.  Winner will be announced by 11:59 pm on Friday May 11, 2012.  Good luck!

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  1. If there is a way to make chicken good, I want in :)

    1. This book will make you a chicken convert. Magic brine, Egg Foo Yong - I didn't know chicken didn't have to actually "taste like chicken." Good luck!

  2. i've heard amazing things about the chocolate chili recipe...

  3. These sound like great books. I can never get enough healthy recipe ideas!