What a week!


Hello, strangers.  I'm sorry I've been a little distant this week, but what a week it has been.  Let me just start from the last day we spoke and get right into it!

Volt and I were scheduled for our second in-facility observation to become approved as a therapy team with Therapy Dogs, Inc.  There was a communication mix-up and instead of bringing joy to the elderly of the Antelope Valley, we practiced our "heel" command in the parking lot for 30 minutes.

When I returned home, I was happy to encounter our FedEx lady who was bearing gifts.  "Careful, it's heavy" is what she said to me... while I was sporting my 2010 CrossFit Games t-shirt and clearly giving her two tickets to the gun show.  (insert sarcastic wink here)

My order from US Wellness Meats arrived!  Certified compassionate pork roast and ground pork, grass-fed ground beef, beef sticks, and even marrow bones!  Just look at this cooler full of healthy goodness.

After a nice evening of heavy lifting at Murphy's Barbell Club, I came home and hurriedly threw together Bora Bora Fireballs from my favorite, well worn, faded page copy of Well Fed.  More on these delightful balls of tropical goodness in a future post.  And sit tight friends - because sometime next week, I will be sharing the wealth and giving away a free copy of Well Fed.  Stay tuned for details.

Make-up day for Volt's therapy dog observation.  He was a little apprehensive as we watched a helicopter deliver a patient to the Antelope Valley Hospital less than 100 feet in front of us.

After a morning of barking at the UPS delivery man, rearing up to play with another TDI dog, and being anti-social with the residents of the facility, it was time to go home and reflect on how to improve for Observation 3.  Wednesday was mostly lost on some behind the scenes web page work and tinkering in the back yard.  Have sun, will garden.

Volt's third and final observation day.  New facility.  New faces.  And a very nice lady with big purple rings to nibble on... Volt liked her most of all because he could curl up on her bed and eat cookies out of her hand.  Just what my dog needs - more people to spoil him.  Needless to say, we passed and my little boy is officially (pending paperwork) a Therapy Dog!  We "celebrated" by hanging out with Matt outside at Panera Bread.

Thursday night was more heavy lifting at Murphy's.  For some reason, my back and my deadlifts just don't want to get along.  Coach Bob is doing everything he can to ensure that relationship develops into something a lot more beautiful than it is now.

Thursday's dinner?  Leftovers Fiesta!  Matt and I wiped out the refrigerator leftovers and ate them with a side of fresh sautéed red cabbage and coconut oil, seasoned with Penzeys Chili 9000 and a little bit of salt.

I left the house early for an interview about two hours away.  I won't get into the details, but let's just say the job is well worth the drive... and unfortunately, I live in a commuting community and it really just seems like a way of life around here.  What's kind of a bummer is that everyone I talk to, from all different parts of Southern California, seems to have their own multi-hour commuting story.  

I didn't get to take very many pictures, so here's a small and uninformative photo montage of my day on the Pacific Coast...

Iced tea and a potty break.  Two hours is a long drive!

Waiting in the lobby.

Waiting in the courtyard.

Waiting in the parking lot.

The interview went extremely well.  I was extended an offer prior to my departure and then I was off to a local clinic to go tinkle in a cup... where I sat and I waited with Sponge Bob...

And I waited with my friend Jess...

And I waited with Jess while we Drew Something...

In case you're wondering, the word was "Travolta."  And I continued to wait while Jess Drew Something...

And finally, almost six hours after my morning stop, I deposited my drug-free sample in a cup and headed home.  I passed by all the beautiful farms in full bloom... California grown flowers, celery, strawberries, fields upon fields of California agriculture.  I stopped for a quick snack to tie me over for the drive - prosciutto, raisins, and macadamia nuts - and then I continued on my way.

What a week!  Now to enjoy the weekend.  Play in the garden.  Salvage my dog riddled watermelon plants.  And soak up some sunshine.  Get out and play today.  And don't forget to check back Monday.  Free stuff coming up!

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