Poblano vs Pasilla

And now... some fun trivia!

Last week while grocery shopping for my stuffed poblano recipe, I scoured the stores high and low for poblano peppers and all I could find were pasillas.  I finally "succumbed" to the fact that I would have to make stuffed pasillas instead for dinner at my in-laws.  My inquiring mind wanted to know the difference and lo and behold, they are the SAME!  Well, sorta.

Poblano peppers that are grown in Mexico and sold north of the border are erroneously called pasillas when they are sold in the U.S.  A true pasilla chile is the dried form of the chilaca pepper, whereas an incorrectly named pasilla (a true poblano) is a wider pepper whose dried form is known as ancho (via Wikipedia).  In the simplest terms - I was making my stuffed poblanos WITH poblanos.  Want to know more?... Keep reading HERE.

And check out this great page for identifying all different types of chile peppers: The Cook's Thesaurus.


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