Whole30 - Day 1

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I spent most of the 101 degree day eye-balling frosty sugar-laden drinks and telling myself "no"... Frappuccinos and whatever that pink stuff is at McDonald's right now are neither refreshing nor good for me... so I averted my eyes and stayed focused on the grocery shopping that needed to be completed before the day's end.  My fridge and cabinet are now fully stocked for my first week back into the Whole30 swing.  Here is my first day back to eating clean...

Morning menu:
~2 cups spinach, wilted in olive oil and seasoned with garlic powder
2 scrambled eggs, cooked in grass-fed beef tallow and seasoned with Penzeys Turkish Seasoning

Sometime between morning and afternoon sustenance:
small apple

Afternoon aliment:
Don't go shopping hungry!  Unfortunately, I did and this was my go-to quick snack for the car ride home...
4 oz. Trader Joe's prosciutto - pig and salt
macadamia nuts
dried apples

Nighttime nourishment:
grilled grass-fed round steak, pounded flat and seasoned with Penzeys Chili 9000 and kosher salt
roasted baby carrots, tossed with coconut oil and dill
Trader Joe's guacamole
homemade pico de gallo 

Feels good.  Ready to do it again tomorrow!

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