Whole30 - Day 10

Today was my first full day back home after a quick little jaunt to Dallas, Texas to visit my mom.  It was a stressful overwhelming trip and my food wasn't 100% perfect due to the cooking oils and some questionable ingredients used when we ate out, but close enough to 99.9% that I won't beat myself up over it.  I'm happy with my choices and my planning... and I feel good about the the decisions I made and that's what is important.

After a nice long morning of sleeping in, Matt and I went off to pick cherries!


Needless to say, my breakfast was an obscene amount of fresh cherries right off the tree and also on the way home out of the bag of bright red sweet deliciousness.  I even picked up a jar of local honey to fend off summer allergies... but will be waiting to try it after the end of the month.  (No honey on Whole30)

• Leftover grilled grass-fed burgers with green chiles and mustard

BeX on Lancaster BLVD... Matt and I shared the tri-tip, medium rare.  I ordered a side of steamed broccoli.  He enjoyed the very garlicky mashed potatoes.  Everything was tasty and moist and I'm happy to report the service and set-up at BeX is getting a bit better each time we visit.  That's good because BeX is the only restaurant nearby where I can get a large satisfying meal that is completely Paleo.

... And for a post dinner snack...

Now that I'm back home and settling in, it's time to sit down with my array of Paleo cookbooks and prep this coming weeks menu... an activity that has most certainly become one of my favorite hobbies!

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