Whole30 - Day 12

Day 12 of my Whole30 was a little busy.  As usual, my busy days entail a lot of driving... because everything that is anything is at least an hour from my house.  That's the LA in me talking.

Before I ventured out the door, I grabbed a small snack to tide me over for the day.  
• handful of macadamia nuts
• handful of cherries
I need to get back to my breakfast vegetables... things just aren't right in my tummy without them!

My first stop of the day was The Lounge Spa in Culver City, CA.  What a delightful little place!  Since my back has been all spazzy and in pain, I decided it was time I finally get a massage... knowing full darn well the benefits of massage therapy.  See that?  Therapy!  For my knotted paraspinals and taut intercostals.  Why all the way to Culver City?  Because that's where my girl is.  Brenda.  We all have a "my girl"... for hair, for eyebrows, for nails, for massage... you name it.  We've got one.  Or maybe that's the LA in me talking again...  But if you're in town and looking for a fantastic massage - call BrenBren.  She can be YOUR girl, too.

After 80 minutes of being thoroughly warmed, kneaded, and melted down into an oozy pile of relaxed goodness I went to visit another "my girl" for a different appointment.  Smooth Skin By Simona.  My eyebrows couldn't be more happy.  And the arch actually counteracts my semi-permanent frown so I actually LOOK happy, too.  Sorta.

Then it was traffic time.  One hour from Smooth Skin to get on the freeway... you've all heard of the 405, I'm sure.  Then another hour to meet my husband for a delicious dinner in Camarillo, CA.  Three counties in one day!  That's how we Rottmans roll.

Dinner was at a fantastic fish restaurant called Lure Fish House.  Great menu selection.  Somewhat easy to stay as close to Whole30 as possible and incredibly easy when you're eating a less strict Paleo diet.  I ordered the Yellowtail.  No butter.  Seasoning only.  Spinach sauteed in olive oil, with fresh garlic.  And a side of grilled asparagus.  The produce is sourced locally.  Check out the bottom line of the menu!

The sauce looked like a dill mayonnaise.  Not sure of the ingredients, I avoided it this trip but will certainly be dipping my fork in next time around. 

• grilled fish, no butter
• sauteed spinach
• grilled asparagus

After dinner, I picked up an Americano at a gorgeous Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in Camarillo.  I was hoping the caffeine would be enough to last me the two hour drive home.  Not only did it last the two hours, it continued to last for an additional four hours... while I lay awake, jittery, reading my brand new copy of "It Starts With Food" and playing Draw Something with my other crazy friends who were still awake.

I'm not a coffee drinker.  I don't even like coffee.  I remembered why last night.

Overall, a very good day... right up to the point where I accidentally drove over a frog in my driveway when I returned home.  I blame the coffee.


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