Whole30 - Day 15

I can't believe June is half way gone... I also can't believe how much simpler it was to get back into my groove again.  I guess consistency really is key.  Fall down, get back up.  Fall down, get back up.  For my January Whole30, I had the word "MOTIVATION" handwritten on a scratch piece of paper posted on the fridge.  I stared at it every morning to remind myself to be motivated... to remember my reasons for wanting to take care of myself. 

This time around, my handwritten word is "CONSISTENCY."  What I have come to terms with is that I love living a Paleo life.  I love the dietary habits that I have developed and continue to develop... and no matter how many times Ben & Jerry show up at my Paleo Party, my resolve to stay consistent means that this is very much a way of life.  And a very sustainable way of life at that.


Things I made in my kitchen today:
seasoned pork sausage patties for upcoming breakfasts
• grass-fed beef hamburger patties... emergency "I have to eat NOW" meat for the fridge
• browned grass-fed beef with homemade taco seasoning... more emergency "I have to eat NOW" meat for the fridge
Cuban Ropa Vieja in the slow- cooker for dinner
garlic cauliflower mash

• grass-fed hamburger patty
• two poached eggs
Turkish Chopped Salad

Afternoon Snack:
• two pork sausage patties
• packet coconut butter
• 3 slices of watermelon

Cuban Ropa Vieja made with grass-fed round steak... and a few different tweaks (again) this was my favorite version yet!
garlic cauliflower mash, using ghee instead of butter and adding in some paprika
• leftover Turkish Chopped Salad

Tomorrow I'll keep on keepin' on.



  1. My husband and I are starting our second Whole30 in July and I think my word will be "consistency" as well. The first one was harder than anticipated and I had quite a few lapses in judgement. I didn't realize just how simple it was (not easy all the time, but simple enough) to just not eat a doughnut. Good luck! I look forward to trying some new recipes so thanks for posting some :)

    1. Good luck with your second Whole30, Denise! Your are right, just NOT eating the doughnut is much simpler than we make it out to be. Enjoy this round of eating well and keep it interesting... eventually your taste buds will crave real whole foods and despise that doughnut.