Whole30 - Day 16

Munchy.  It was over 100 degrees today and I was feeling exceptionally lethargic and munchy.  As a result of my lethargy - I'm not putting a whole lotsa effort into this post.  So here's what I gobbled, nibbled, snacked, and munched on through the course of my very very very long, slow Saturday.

hubby made eggs with onions, scrambled in coconut oil and seasoned with a concoction of miscellaneous Penzeys seasonings
spinach, wilted in coconut oil
two homemade breakfast sausage patties

We ate at El Toreo in Lancaster and as much as I wanted to order beef fajitas, I held off... since I was almost certain everything was cooked in some type of vegetable oil I played it as safe as possible.
shrimp salad - a bed of lettuce that was topped with tomatoes, avocados, shrimp, and black olives.  I 86ed the olives as I am not a fan of the texture or taste.  The dressing options were a little iffy, so I asked for a bowl of lemons/limes instead.  With a little salt and pepper, it was relatively tasty and right on par with my Whole30...

Afternoon Snack(s)/Dinner:
macadamia nuts
grass-fed hamburger patty with jalapeƱo mustard
garlic mashed cauliflower
raspberries in coconut milk (DELICIOUS!)

Now that Matt and I have finished all six seasons of The Sopranos, we have moved on to a new series for our Netflix marathons... right back to '24'!  Alas, I spent the remainder of the evening with my puppies, my husband, and Jack Bauer.


  1. i just found your blog through the whole30 forum... i am on day 2.
    pretty excited to start at day one of your blog for encouragement.
    thanks for writing :)

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by, Kellie! And welcome! I'll be adding more posts in the next few days... good luck with your Whole30! Be sure to keep it interesting and have fun!