Whole30 - Day 4

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Another day of lazy leftovers... which are so easy (and healthy) when you're prepared and your fridge is well stocked with plenty of options. 

Sunrise sustenance:
• cranberry kombucha
shredded zucchini and baby spinach wilted in coconut oil, seasoned with Penzeys Bangkok Blend

Lunchtime larder:
• a few slices of prosciutto I grabbed at the grocery store deli while running the heck out of some errands today

Since the LA Kings are well on their way to winning the 2012 Stanley Cup and we are without cable, Matt, the kids, and I ate dinner at his parents to mooch some time on their tv... and most importantly, enjoy the good company.

"To grandmother's house we go!"

Eventide entrée:
• grass-fed beef stuffed poblano peppers - I started with the Stuffed Poblano recipe from LivinPaleo, then made a few adjustments.  I used two jalapeño peppers (only one deseeded), added 4 oz. of green chiles, a lot more garlic, 2 teaspoons of cumin, and eliminated the cheese
• green garden salad - topped with my mother-in-law's tasty homemade guacamole and a scoop of the sauce from the stuffed peppers
• small bowl of blueberries and cut strawberries

I always love how brightly colored vegetables look together.

Tomorrow, I am off to Texas to be with my mom on her birthday!  Already have my travel food purchased and prepped and ready to go... check back to see how I stay Whole30 legit (as best as possible) while en route to my mama's casa!

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