Whole30 - Day 5 (Travel Day!)

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Here's what I stashed in my suitcase to get through the doldrums of airplane travel yesterday...

• All fruit/vegetable baby food (why not?  The Whole9's Dallas & Melissa do it!)
• Deli turkey and prosciutto
Sea Snax
Coconut butter

It isn't the most ideal selection for meals, but affords me much better options than running up to McDonald's or any of the other icky airport eateries.

I was able to order a "grande hot water" at the airport and I packed a few packets of my own tea to get me through the trip.

I sipped my tea and while everyone else on board the airplane munched away on .02 oz of pretzels and peanuts, I discovered my new favorite snack:  roasted turkey wrapped up in Sea Snax.  Very yummy, super healthy, and a lot more satisfying than the six and a half peanuts I was offered by my flight attendant.

This was pretty much my sustenance for the day.  I ate a few egg muffins and leftover asparagus before leaving for the airport and then munched on miscellaneous assortments of the above photo menu when I got hungry throughout the day.  And I still have plenty of "leftovers" for the rest of my trip.

At this point, computer access is EXTREMELY LIMITED and I probably won't be updating for the next few days.

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