Whole30 - Day 7

After an eventful Day 6, I wasn't much hungry on the morning of Day 7.  My first meal was a fabulous salad at Twisted Root in the early afternoon.

• Kangaroo burger in a bowl at Twisted Root in Richardson, Texas.  I ordered it without croutons, cheese, and just because of the Whole30 - no bacon.  No dressing, add guacamole.  And yes, you read that right - Kangaroo!  It is lean, high in protein... And it is quite delicious!

Twisted Root uses vegetable oil to prepare their food, so in that capacity my "official" Whole30 didn't hold up... but under the circumstances, I did the best I could and will continue on until June 30.

• 4 oz prosciutto
• 1/2 packet of coconut butter

After a late "dinner," Mom and I set off to our usual antics and started our late night road trip down to College Station.  Here's a peek at the weather we braved on our drive.  I hadn't seen or driven in a rainstorm quite like it since my college days... driving the exact same roads.

Mom and I were happy to arrive at our hotel safe and sound and unscathed.  And like little school girls, we stayed up until the wee hours gabbing, laughing, and gabbing some more.  I couldn't have asked for a more perfect day after such a rough ride she had the day before.

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