Can we eat it yet? A short garden update.

For those of you who have inquired lately... here is a photographic diary of the current status of my garden.  All I am going to say is "thank God for grocery stores."

I realized that the hot desert sun and 100+ degree days were roasting my plants... even with my well timed drip line dispensing water twice a day.  Matt and I finally put up a shade structure for my sweet little plants.  The structure isn't the most wind resistant, but it works and requires minimal maintenance.

Here is one of the many blossoms that I have seen on my zucchini plant.  Plenty of bright yellow flowers.  Not so much zucchini.

If you look very very close, almost at the center of the photo, there is an Anaheim pepper that has made an appearance.  My first piece of produce!  And it is actually about five times the size it was when I took this picture.  Let's eat!

After the shade went up, my cucumber plant started blossoming in crazy fashion, too!  Tons of little yellow blossoms... well, not tons.  But even two or three got me all excited.  Hopefully someday before December, Matt and I will enjoy homegrown cucumbers in our salad.

Even if my garden growing efforts are falling short, Matt and I have succeeded at creating a backyard haven for hummingbirds.  We placed a new feeder out by our pomegranate tree and have slowly watched at the hummingbird population in our yard increase.  Each morning at breakfast, they all arrive and take turns at the feeder and in the pomegranate blossoms.  They even sit on the little fence around my garden for minutes at a time.

Total hours and dollars spent on garden?  Too many to count.  Total veggies consumed?  Zero.  Guess, for now, I'll keep hanging out at farmer's markets to stay on top of my kale chips cravings.

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