Whole30 - Day 19

Day 19!!

And Day 1 of my attempt to successfully maintain my Whole30 meal eating efforts while partaking in a Mommy-Daughter vacay in Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada!

Let me start by saying that I have a fond place in my heart for Las Vegas.  My hubby and I went on our first "away" date to LV, we were married in LV, and we have spent plenty of time eating and imbibing until our hearts' content in LV... so when Mom and I planned our trip, food and drink were not a focus.  Mom is a Paleo Mom and is highly allergic to grains and sugar.  If you ask her what happens when she eats it, she will look you straight in the eye with a very serious expression and say

"I break out in fat."

Mom flew to Vegas from Dallas.  I drove from Matt's and my little abode in Rosamond to meet her out there.  When looking for a place to stay, a refrigerator and microwave were imperative.  I went one better and found a great deal at The Desert Rose - a little apartment type set-up with a FULL kitchen!  And they were offering a summer special which meant 30% off 3 nights stay AND a $25 gift card to the nearest grocery store.  We couldn't go wrong.  The Paleo Gods were smiling down on us!

With a big refrigerator, stove, oven, and microwave awaiting me - I packed my cooler full of good eats to keep us healthy during our Vegas vacation.

Cooler Packin's:
• brined and grilled chicken thighs
• grass-fed grilled hamburgers and steaks
• baba ganoush, prepared from my Well Fed cookbook
• homemade tahini with olive oil, made for the baba ganoush
• leftover Turkish Chopped Salad (this recipe makes so much, I LOVE the voluminous amounts of veggies!)
Avocado and Tomatillo Salsa
• prepared Italian Seasoning, also prepared from my Well Fed cookbook, for making breakfast sausage
• jars of seasonings: Penzeys BBQ 3000, Penzeys Bangkok Blend, Penzeys Crushed JalapeƱos
• bottle of macadamia nut oil, for cooking (since there wasn't much left in my kitchen - this was my choice so I wouldn't have to transport the bottle back home)

After a three and a half hour (or four if you happen to be an officer of the law) drive, I stopped at the best nail salon I've ever been to for a fantastic manicure and pedicure.  See my previous experience Yelp review HERE.  Once I was sparkly, tingly, and glamorous, I went to pick up Mom at the airport.

Then we went to check in to our hotel and stock our refrigerator.

We ate a quick lunch...

• grass-fed burger with Avocado & Tomatillo salsa
• Turkish Chopped Salad
• baba ganoush

Then we were off to tour the city... watching the sharks at the Golden Nugget drool over swimmers and water slide patrons...

Dancing with the crazies on Fremont... (Note: the woman in the skirt is my mom, not to be qualified with the dancing crazies at this moment... the crazy came later in the week when The Doors light show was playing on the overhead LED screen)

We picked up discount tickets to see Blue Man Group and killed time at The Venetian and The Palazzo before the show.  In a quest to locate a dinner that was as Whole30 compliant as possible, we ended up at I Love Burgers located within The Shoppes at The Palazzo.  
I want to comment at this point for anyone JUST starting their Whole30 program - eating out in public is NOT ADVISABLE.  There are too many unknowns and variables in restaurant cooking.  From hidden sugars to cooking oils - the rules are broken and the full intent of the program will be lost.  For me, my goals for this round of Whole30 (my third this year) are different and given the multitude of traveling - eating out was unavoidable.  Alas, it was necessary to pick the least of the evils when put into those circumstances.
• I Love Chopped Salad - no corn, no beans, dressing on the side, add ahi tuna
     I asked the manager what oils they use and learned they cook with vegetable oil... If we had not added the tuna and did not eat the dressing - this salad could easily be considered a perfect option for a strict program like Whole30.  Instead, WITH the tuna and (small) consumption of dressing - this is a very viable, healthy, and tasty option for any Paleo dieter looking for a good salad option in Las Vegas.

After dinner, we grabbed a quick cup of coffee at Espressamente Illy, and then we went to see the 10:30 pm showing of Blue Man Group.  

We were off to great start for our Vegas visit!

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