Whole30 - Day 21 (Spa Day!)

Day 21 of my Whole30!  And Day 3 of eating a strict Paleo diet while vacationing in Vegas!

... And Mom's and my most favorite day of the entire trip - SPA DAY!

In an effort to make this Vegas trip "not so Vegasy", we decided to book an entire day at one of the best spas in Las Vegas: The Spa at The Mandarin Oriental.  Having visited QUA at Caesar's last year, I was looking for something that could possibly up the bar.  I am heavily dependent on Yelp☆ for recommendations and Yelp☆ led me right to The Mandarin Oriental

Before departing for our day of pampering and zen, eight stories above The Las Vegas Strip, we nourished our tummies.

• I sipped down a bottle of cranberry kombucha
• Mom ate scrambled eggs seasoned with Penzeys Bangkok Blend, stir fried veggies with garlic, and a breakfast sausage patty

We arrived at The Spa with plenty of time to check in and get settled.  We were greeted with hot tea and a cool towel.  Our shoes were promptly removed and replaced with spa sandals... symbolic of leaving our worries behind before entering the spa area.  After filling out a short medical intake form, we were led into the spa area and given a tour.  What an immaculate and beautiful facility.  Words cannot describe the feelings when we walked through for the first time.

Our first treatment was the signature Hammam.  Originating in Turkey, this bath experience is a combination of intense heat, a full body exfoliation, a scrub, a massage, and a therapeutic alternating temperature experience all while you are laying on a heated marble table.  I have never experienced anything so incredible, so relaxing, and so enlightening for my body head to toe.  Invigorating and elevating.  Those are the words that come to mind first, but don't even come close to capturing how this treatment made me feel.  Certainly my most favorite of the day.  I believe it was Mom's favorite, too.

Source: http://www.mandarinoriental.com/lasvegas/photo_gallery/
After the Hammam, we managed to ooze ourselves out onto the warm loungers in the relaxation lounge and sipped on a cup of hot tea and a bottle of cool water.  When we were finally able to move again, Mom and I took post on the heated tile recliners overlooking Las Vegas Boulevard and napped there until our next treatment: facials!

Source: http://www.mandarinoriental.com/lasvegas/photo_gallery/
My facial experience was out of this world.  I requested the Jade Enzyme and my esthetician was warm, gentle, and informative.  The treatment started with a discussion around my daily skin care habits, my skin's needs, and a customized selection of aromas and product to be used during my treatment.  My face, throat, shoulders, and scalp have never felt so fresh and relaxed.  Even my permanent furrow lines managed to dissolve for the next few days.

Our final treatment of the day was a foot treatment.  Another hour of scrubbing, massaging, and tender focus all on our legs and feet.  It was a great way to stay in our zen zone, but slowly come back to reality as our day at The Mandarin Oriental came to a close.
I'll be honest, this post took most of the morning to write... only because I kept drifting off into the pictures and reading the Spa Menu over and over again.  And when I would finally regain focus, then I would start reminiscing about how wonderful this day was.  
When we finally managed to gather ourselves together, gather our belongings, and make ourselves presentable once again... we went shopping at The Shoppes at The Palazzo, entertained the security guard at the self-park garage with our sarcasm and sharp wit, and then headed back to our little abode at The Desert Rose Resort to eat an early dinner and pass out.  Deep relaxation is exhausting work!

• grass-fed burger patty
• boneless, skinless grilled chicken thigh (brined according to The Best Chicken You Will Ever Eat recipe from Well Fed: Paleo Recipes for People Who Love to Eat)
• sliced cucumber with baba ganoush, also from Well Fed
• roasted carrots and garlic cloves - tossed in macadamia nut oil and a hearty sprinkling of Penzeys BBQ 3000, set in a 400 degree oven for 45 minutes... stirred every 15 minutes for the entirety of their cook time

Not wanting to leave any moment unfulfilled, Mom and I ventured back out into town to watch the midnight premier of Pixar's Brave.  Those folks are brilliant when it comes to tugging at heartstrings.  And am I the only one that wanted to reach out and touch Princess Merida's hair?  What a perfect ending to a perfect Mom-Daughter vacay!  Oh yeah, I cried.  But not as hard as my mom.

At 2 am, it was FINALLY bedtime.

Goodnight, Las Vegas!  We will certainly miss you... and your fabulous spas!

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