Whole30 - Day 22

Day 22 of my Whole30 was spent packing and driving about an hour and a half MORE than I had originally anticipated for the day...

After an incredible few days in Las Vegas, it was time for Mom and me to bid our farewells and make our way across the Mojave desert back to little ol' Rosamond, California.

In an effort to clean out the refrigerator at our home away from home for the week, we filled up on the most heartiest of breakfasts...

• eggs, scrambled with Penzeys BBQ 3000
• cabbage and red onions sauteed with macadamia nut oil, salt, and pepper
• spinach wilted in macadamia nut oil with fresh chopped garlic
• homemade breakfast sausage patties

When we were half way out of town, we learned that there had been a chemical spill at the Nevada/California border and the southbound I-15 was closed.  UGH!  Unfortunately, our only way out of the state was a very roundabout way through Boulder City and down through Searchlight, NV.

Check out all these suckers who didn't get the memo ahead of time:

Mom and I finally made it to Barstow where we stopped for lunch at my favorite Paleo fast food eatery: Chipotle!

• Carnitas Salad - built with romaine lettuce, double order of carnitas, hot sauce, double order of pico de gallo, and a serving of guacamole
All of Chipotle's meats are cooked in soybean oil, except for the carnitas... which makes it easy for anyone following a Whole30 to be able to construct a program friendly meal on-the-go!  Here is an awesome chart identifying the common allergens in the Chipotle menu, making it easy to pick and choose what is best for you!
Mom and I saved half of our delicious salad to take home and enjoy for dinner later that evening.  It was nice to be home again and get kisses from my amazing and loving husband and from my two four-legged fur babies - Volt and Miss Ellie.  Even Mom got a few furry hugs and big wet tongues on her cheek (from the pups, not from Matt).

• Leftover Chipotle... just as tasty as the first half was earlier in the day

When we were all settled in, Mom was unpacked, and the whole family was fed... it was time to cozy up on the couch and suffer our way through Mamma Mia! on Amazon Prime Instant Videos.  Corny, outrageous, and funny... Matt and I had our fair share of mocking moments, much to Mom's dismay.  She's a true Mamma Mia! fan.  Maybe I'll like the stage performance better...

As long as Pierce Brosnan isn't singing.

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