Whole30 - Day 23

Phew!  Almost finished with a full 30 days of super strict eating following the rules of Whole9Life.com's Whole30 Program.

The changes I was hoping for have clearly started to set in and that makes me happy!  More details on this in a later post.

On Saturday, June 23... Mom, Matt, and I ventured out to Ojai, California to visit the annual Lavender Festival.  Mom ate eggs and seasoned browned ground beef before we left.  I sipped away on a bottle of cranberry kombucha

We spent much more time than I originally anticipated making our way through row after row of vendors... pottery, apparel, oils, and of course all the lavender cooking and bath products you could ever hope for.

I didn't try this refreshing concoction this visit, but will certainly be giving it a shot next year...
"Lavender Gelato-Style Ice Cream Sundae
Our delicious natural ice cream topped with Pure Lavender Syrup From France and Local Wildflower Honey"
When Mom's and my arms were sufficiently full of shopping bags and our nasal cavities could smell nothing else BUT lavender, we knew it was time to leave.  Our spur of the moment nature took us north on US 101 to take a peek at Santa Barbara and grab some lunch.

We had just missed a day full of Summer Solstice parades and festivities, so we pushed our way through the confetti filled streets to shop some more.  Thanks again to my fascination and clinical dependency on Yelp, I found a great sandwich/salad restaurant close to where we already were - Silvergreens.  

I loved how fresh and crisp everything was!  Matt ordered a hamburger.  Mom and I opted for the Grilled Shrimp and Avocado Salad.

I forgot to ask for a dressing alternative and I later discovered that the mango vinaigrette contains sulfites according to the Silvergreens Allergen Guide.  I'm assuming there was some type of sweetener in it.  There almost always is.  (For more on my sentiment about attempting your first Whole30 and trying to eat out - read my rant in red HERE.)

Why I love this restaurant even more... They have a Paleo Diet - Menu Recommendation chart!


I'm a food sadist... or what we call in the old school diet world "food pusher"... so when I saw the Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Shop on the way back to the car, I knew a little nudge on Matt's shoulder would lure him to a tasty summertime treat.  For me, it was straight up food porn.  Those of you who know me know I am a B&J fanatic.  The ingredients lists are minimal.  The flavors are pure and ingenious.  When I am not attempting to stay clean for 30 days straight - I am known to indulge in a little Ben & Jerry's from time to time.  But today was not that day.  So I stared at Matt while he partook of his beautiful ice cream cone.

What a great sport.  I absolutely adore my hubby!

The most tremendous discovery of the day?  I can take Volt shopping at Nordstrom!  They don't decorate for Christmas until after Thanksgiving and now my dog can help me pick out shoes.  What a fabulous store!

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